Happy 4th Birthday Invisible World!

It’s been four years since I’ve started Invisible World, and while in some ways it seems like I’ve always been blogging, I can’t believe that I’ve been at it for that many years. It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when I hit “publish” on that first post and eagerly awaited my first like. I still remember the excitement when a small group of friends seemed to sprout out of no where. With their kind words and dedicated support of those first few short stories I posted, they not only planted the seeds for a successful blog, but they gave me the encouragement I needed to take writing seriously.

I might have some small talent, but I knew I had a lot to learn, and I owed it to my readers (however few they might be) to hone my craft and present them with better material. I read books, found articles on Pinterest, and listening to podcasts. I realized that storytelling wasn’t just something I was trying out, but it was something I LOVED to do.

As the years went by, the blog evolved. The short stories I posted get better (I hope ;)) and I even did a thirty-something chapter story with you all (which is now a book in its fourth draft!). If you would have told me four years ago that I would write a book, I would have rolled my eyes and asked what kind of drugs you were on. 😛

Loki What confused

But all of your support has encouraged me every step of the way.

So, instead of listing Invisible World’s stats or featuring my favorite post of the year, I’d like to say thank you to a few wonderful people who have made Invisible World a better place. More than that, they have made me a better writer.

A special thanks to…

Christopher from clcouch123 for your encouraging and insightful comments. You never fail to have something thoughtful to say to add to the discussion. There seems to always be some interesting tidbit you share (like the “characternym” 😉 ). And you are always super encouraging and make me feel way smarter than I actually am. Not to mention, you don’t mind my jokes about the dark side and cookies and my terrible Yoda-phrased sentences. 😀


Mayur from itsmayurremember for your enthusiasm for my stories. Your comments never fail to make me feel like a real writer and not just a girl with a big imagination scribbling down a bunch of stuff and hoping that it turns into a cohesive story. You remind me to never give up.


K. A. Parker for your friendship. We’ve been around the blogging community for a bit and it’s nice to have someone to share the ups and downs with (and to tag me in twitter #AboutMyWork games that I take forever to do 😉 ).


Joy Pixley from Tales from Eneana for your support both inside and outside the blogging realm. Not only are you a constant support for my blog, but you and I have been through quite a few NaNos and Camp NaNos together. It was so wonderful to be able to talk with someone who understood what it was like to feel overwhelmed at the amount of words we needed to write, or what it was like to sneak off  on Thanksgiving Day to cram in a few extra words. And it was great to have someone to celebrate with at the end of it all, because only a fellow NaNoWriMo participant can ever truly understand what that’s like. I always looked forward to seeing your name in my inbox. 🙂

 mail letter sponge bob


Jeyna Grace for being the very first commenter on my blog. Though I’m sure you don’t remember, I always will. It was so exciting to find that someone actually read my stuff and took the time to comment in those early days. 😀


booksandbark for being one of my first blogging friends. I remember thinking how adorable your blog was and hoping one day mine would look as cute (though I don’t think I ever reached that goal :D).


Nandini Bharadwaj from Unputdownable Books for being my twin from across the world. You’ve been an amazing friend from the moment you offered to proofread the chapters of The Hashna Stone that I posted (Can you believe that was two years ago?) to the moment we found out that we both loved LOTR GIFs and were obsessed with Myers Briggs personality tests. As much as we’re alike, you are sooo much better at proofreading than I am. 😀 You’re super smart, and I can only hope that your intelligence will rub off on me. 😉


Jessica from Jes2G  for sticking with me for so long. You’ve been around for awhile, but somehow you aren’t tired of me yet. You’re either just as crazy as I am, or you have no other friends. 😛 (Just kidding everyone…her blog is super popular and she probably has more readers than I do :D) I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog…was it two or three years ago? *shrug* We became instant friends, and now I’ll always have someone to talk with about the woes of the creative process and our crazy characters.


A blog is more than just one person putting out a post every week. It’s a community where people can come together to discuss things that they are passionate about. A group of friends supporting each other and encouraging each other to follow their dreams.

I’m so thankful for all of you that have been with me, whether it’s been a few years or a few weeks. I appreciate all of your comments and words of encouragement. Invisible World wouldn’t be the same without all of you. And neither would I.

Thank you Epic Dreamers!

Thanks! Shirley Temple GIF


17 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday Invisible World!”

  1. Ahh, thank you so much for your kind words, m’dear~ And congrats on four years of GIFs, wonderful posts on writing, and charming fiction.


  2. Instant friends! Yes! That just doesn’t happen, folks. I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog that day, and I am even more glad I decided to check you out! Congrats on four years! Here’s to another four! (and four more after that)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Birthday with the Happy you should be! Would Yoda say it that way? I’ve enjoyed reading your words and interacting with you. I waited eagerly for each installment of the story of the Hashna Stone. And, yes, I like your humor–of any shade. You are masterful with small animations, too. Do we say giffs or jiffs? Congratulations on four years! And to counting more.


    1. Hmm…how Yoda would say it, I know not. But to me, that sounds right.
      I had so much fun with The Hashna Stone. I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      Well, I’ve always said giffs, but maybe they’re both right. 😛
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Belated congratulations on year 4, Megan, that’s great! And thanks so much for your kind words. I’m happy to have met you and gotten to know you better on these pages and through NaNo — it’s one big, wonderful, supportive community, and I’m glad to be a part of it!


    1. Thank you! The years have flown by. It doesn’t seem like 4 years already.
      I’m so glad to have you among my writing/blogging friends. Looking forward to doing the next NaNoWriMo with you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just realized I completely missed my blog’s anniversary a couple weeks ago. Time really does fly! Hopefully it will slow down a bit between now and November so that I can catch up before NaNo…


      2. Oh no! I guess we started blogging around the same time…maybe not years but the same month. How long have you had your blog?
        Hopefully! For some reason this year is determined to get in the way of my writing time. 😛 It’s been one thing after another.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You’ve been doing it longer than me — it’s been three years for me. I’d like to say I’m going strong but I’ve been having the same problem you note — this year is determined to get in the way of writing!


  5. Megan, this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read. I have happy tears in my eyes. 😭 I honestly can’t believe that was two years ago! I’m so lucky to have met someone so similar oceans apart. I truly admire your imagination and how you haven’t given up on writing come what may. I’ll be one of the first people to buy your book once it comes out. ❤ Thank you for mentioning me! It really means a lot to me. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww ❤ I’m glad they’re happy tears. 😀 Your friendship has meant so much to me. Sometimes you can hit it off with someone, but then they fade away as time passes. I’m glad you stuck around. 🙂
      It definitely helps to have support from friends. It keeps me going!
      Aww…thank you so much! Now I know at least one person will want my book for sure. 😉
      And you’re very welcome. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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