The Chalice

“You have ten seconds before your world ends,” I told the man at the end of my sword. “How generous of you.” The man gave a crooked smile. “I took you for the sort of person to kill immediately.  What are the ten seconds for? To say my prayers?” “Don’t be funny,” I snapped, “Tell me where you hid it.” “Hid what?” He arched an eyebrow. “The chalice,” I snarled, “I know you have it.” “Search me.” He held out his hands. “I’m not wasting my time. You wouldn’t keep it on you.  You’re not that much of an imbecile.” … Continue reading The Chalice

Apprenticeship Seeker’s View

“Boy, I told you. No.” “I’d work for free the first few weeks, just so you could see how—“  The door slammed shut.  I took a breath to keep from screaming.  I’d lost count of how many places I’d asked to take me on as an apprentice. If the butcher’s rudeness wasn’t humiliating enough, I turn to find that someone had witnessed the whole scene.  A dark-haired boy with glittering blue eyes was leaning on the building across the alleyway.  He was smirking like it had all been a show for his personal amusement. “What are you laughing at?” “Your … Continue reading Apprenticeship Seeker’s View

Orphan’s View

I’ve never really had a home, even when I did.  I lived where ever the Gypsy caravan went.  My father said freedom was the best riches a man could have.  After I was separated from him, freedom was all I had.  I was free to sleep when I wanted, see what I wanted, and go where I wanted.  I visited city and country side, coming and leaving as I felt like it. In this one city, there was a boy, who looked about my age, at a butcher shop begging to be taken on as an apprentice.  It was ridiculous.  … Continue reading Orphan’s View