What Every Writer Wants for Christmas

There’s nothing we writers value more than our writing time, and want to maximize the time we’ve set aside as much as possible by keeping noisy distracting to a minimum. What do we get instead? The Last Jedi blaring from the next room, Christmas music coming from upstairs making you accidentally type “all I want for Christmas is you, babyyyy” for your character’s dialogue, and a bunch of kids throwing marshmallows at you and say that you’re in a snowball fight.  Continue reading What Every Writer Wants for Christmas


Blue Bird Takeover–Farewell

Usually I don’t want that blue bird showing up in my post, but this time I have something to say to him; you stole my story! I most certainly did not. Don’t act innocent with me blue bird. You think I wouldn’t recognize my own story? Alright, so maybe I used something you wrote as inspiration. Inspiration nothing. That was a story I posted a year ago, word for word. Er…Umm… You were supposed to write your own story from the prompt pirates and lace. You came up with it. About that…. See I had some difficulty coming up with … Continue reading Blue Bird Takeover–Farewell