The Hashna Stone

The king of Minaria hasn’t been the same since his twin brother died three years ago. He’s made some odd decisions, including a decision that has sixteen-year-old Dalan worried about leaving the orphanage even though he doesn’t like the strict rules and fact that there is no sword or archery practice allowed.

After a disturbance at the orphanage, Dalan is free to go wherever he wants. The trouble is, he doesn’t know where he wants to go or what he wants to do.

That is up to you.

Welcome to the story you get to write. Every week, I’ll post a new chapter of The Hashna Stone. Each chapter will end with a decision to be made and you get to decide what happens next by voting in the poll that will be at the bottom of the post.

Join in the voting for magic, mystery, and dwarves. And who knows?  You may help Dalan discover the reason behind the king’s strange behavior.

New chapter every Thursday.

Voting ends Sunday (10 p.m. central time).

*Occasionally a chapter won’t end with a decision to be made. When this happens, I’ll post two chapters that week.  One Thursday and one Friday.  Yay for bonus chapters!


The adventure’s already started! But don’t worry.  You can catch up on the fun here.

Chapter 1–Fire

Chapter 2–A Girl Tries to Kill Me

Chapter 3–The Foxes

Chapter 4–What to do with Treasure

Chapter 5–Jewelry Can be Scary

Chapter 6–A Warning and a Dog with Wings

Chapter 7— Advice I Don’t Want to Hear

Chapter 8– Convincing Faiza

Chapter 9–Attacked

Chapter 10–The Girl Ambassador

Chapter 11–The Dwarves

Chapter 12–The Council

Chapter 13–The King isn’t the King

Chapter 14– A Gift I Want and Traveling Partners I Don’t

Chapter 15–Surprise Guest

Chapter 16–Soldiers

Chapter 17–Rescuing and Being Rescued

Chapter 18–Rachael

Chapter 19– The Castle

Chapter 20– In the Army

Chapter 21–Escaping a Whipping

Chapter 22–Two Kings, One Castle

Chapter 23–Audience in the Grand Dungeon

Chapter 24–Ryker Meets the Grimulin

Chapter 25–Tallis Accused

Chapter 26–Bayvlad’s Plan

Chapter 27–Trapped

Chapter 28–From Bad to Worse

Chapter 29–Death Awaits

Chapter 30–Escape

Chapter 31–A Duel with Bayvlad

Chapter 32–Unlikely Hero

Chapter 33–Samel

Chapter 34–All as it Should Be



Character List

47d0de679e2803c181f96af7b18dbce2Dalan—Fifteen-year-old boy that starts out at an orphanage, but then finds himself thrust into an adventure a bit over his head when he stumbles across something in the woods. Has a bow his father gave him before he died but prefers to fight with a sword.




Faiza—sixteen-year-old girl with a fiery temper to match her fiery red hair which is cut so unevenly, she must have chopped it herself. She lives in the woods and leads a group of orphans she calls the Foxes. You’ll never catch her without a bow in her hand and a quiver on her back.




Rachael—fifteen-year-old girl with long caramel colored hair and blue eyes who lives in Hashna with the Dwarves. Her father was the ambassador before the alliance was broken. She can produce magic that zaps people a bit like electricity.


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Samel—an eighteen-year-old, curly-headed dwarf who likes nothing more than scaring people, which is easy to do since he can make himself invisible. He’s a bit mischievous, but his ready smile and cheery disposition make it hard to stay mad at him for long.


Ethan—This seventeen-year-old, blond haired boy grew up in a monastery, but now lives in the woods with the Foxes as Faiza’s second-hand-man. He’s almost as good with the bow as Faiza.

Radon—The King of Minaria whose identical twin, Ryker, died three years ago. He hasn’t been the same since.

Tallis—Rachael’s father. He was the ambassador to Hashna before the alliance was broke and the dwarves forbidden from entering Minaria. Now he works at the castle as the Master of Relations and handles matters with all the ambassadors from Minaria. 



The sword that belonged to Dalan’s father. It was sold along with most of their other possessions to pay the fee that allowed Dalan into the orphanage. (It’s not a character, but I thought you might want to see it anyway. 😉 )

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