The Hardest Question in Life

Get ready. I’m about to ask you the hardest question in the universe. This single question has stumped mankind for centuries. It has left high school students speechless and college students sobbing with regret. Prepare yourself. Here it comes… How do I know what career is right for me? Are you still standing? Can you breathe ok? Sorry to spring such a heavy question on you like that, but if I held it in any longer, I would explode. Don’t roll your eyes like that. Keeping a powerful question like that inside is dangerous. Trying to answer it is pretty … Continue reading The Hardest Question in Life

We Love to Write, So Why Do We Procrastinate?

Let’s face it. Sometimes we’re just LAZY. It isn’t that we’re too busy with work, school, and leveling up that character on your favorite MMORPG. And it isn’t because we’re so in awe of other writers that our fingers are paralyzed and we can no longer type. We simply choose to put playing games on our phone, browsing YouTube, or taking a nap ahead of writing. Continue reading We Love to Write, So Why Do We Procrastinate?

Writing, Yoga Pants, and a Nervous Breakdown

Just what do I do when I’m not writing? I can’t answer that question, because obviously I am always writing. I spend hours and hours in a baggy t-shirt and yoga pants, sipping on a Frappuccino, typing away as endless brilliant thoughts enter my mind. Oh yeah. That’s what I wish my day was like. It’s more like franticly type up a blog post while on lunch break, and try not to get mustard from my soggy sandwich on the keyboard. When I’m not writing, I’m doing all those mundane, everyday things that everyone does: washing mounds of dishes, returning … Continue reading Writing, Yoga Pants, and a Nervous Breakdown

So Many Books, so Little Time

Today’s writing assignment asked us to start our post with a quote.  So here it is.  (Yep, just like that. No long-winded intro this time). So many books, so little time. ― Frank Zappa That’s so true!  The list of books I want to read is as tall as a skyscraper.  Or at least that’s how tall I imagine it to be, since I don’t have the actual  books to stack.  My list is completely digital.  Thanks to Goodreads I can keep adding books to my list and not have to worry about tripping on them. Also thanks to Goodreads…I … Continue reading So Many Books, so Little Time