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I’m Back!

Well, hello there Epic Dreamers. I’ve missed you all. I’ve missed this blog and writing posts.

I didn’t really mean to take a break from blogging. It just sort of happened after so many times of sitting down to write a post and realizing I had nothing to say. Eventually, I stopped thinking about it and the next thing I know, it has been months since I’ve been on here.

I’ve enjoyed the break after seven years (how has it already been that long?!) of blogging, but lately I’ve been thinking how I miss the writing community here and feeling an internal nudge to start writing again.

I’m here now to announce that I am officially back from my unofficial sabbatical. 🙂

I’m planning on keeping the content the same: a mix of writing tips and short stories. So it’s back to the good ol’ Invisible World you know and love! I’ll be giving you different ways to outline your novel next week in honor of preptober (prepping your novel for November’s NaNoWriMo) and I also have a short story coming up after that (I’ve missed writing short stories).

Hopefully Indivisible World hasn’t been shoved down WordPress’s algorithm tunnels so far that all my readers are washed away. 😀

Let me know if you’re still here with a comment, if you would be so kind. And if anyone has any suggestions for future posts, I would be glad to hear them.

I look forward to chatting with you all again!


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Announcing Some Changes

Hey Epic Dreamers!

It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted an actual blog post with actual written words, and I wanted to let you guys know that I’m not turning this into a video-only zone. 😉 I’m still going to be posting good old regular blog posts, I’ve just been so busy starting the YouTube channel and Instagram account (not to mention editing The Hashna Stone) that I haven’t gotten around to writing a blog post.

Since the whirlwind of publishing and YouTube has entered my life, I’ve decided to make some changes regarding the types of posts I write.

Book reviews

For the past year, I’ve been posting book reviews every third Thursday of the month, but I’ve decided that I don’t feel comfortable writing honest book reviews now that I’m publishing my book. I feel like any negative reviews may make me look like I’m just trying to trash competition. I could be completely wrong about this, but I’d rather not look like a catty author who thinks everyone’s work is beneath their own. 😛

I’ve also been too busy with all my new pursuits to read much, so I might find it hard to have a book to review. I might post a book review every now and then if I really enjoy the book and think it deserves some love, but except for that, I’m retiring my monthly book reviews.

reading book gif

Posting every Thursday

I don’t know how long I’ve been posting on this blog on Thursdays (probably since the Ice Age) but Thursdays aren’t going to work anymore since that’s when I post my videos. I’ll still post my YouTube video on here, so there will be a post on Thursday, just not a written one.

My regular written posts (like this one) will be published on Tuesday mornings. At least for now. 😉 I’ll try it out and see how that works for you all.


Growing as a writer posts

I am still going to be posting tips on how to grow as a writer this year. Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned that too. I’ll be posting  them on the last Tuesday of the month.


Taking a break

Between making videos, looking for someone to format the book, searching book covers, working with my editor, researching self-publishing, starting a new Instagram account, and plotting my next novel, I’m running about like crazy. As much as I like to think that I’m Wonder Woman and can do everything I want to do in spite of the fact that I need things like sleep and take breaks for food, I really can’t hold myself to impossible standards. In short: I need a break!

wonder woman

So, I am giving myself a break every third Tuesday of the month. And no, I refuse to feel guilty about it. 😉


Here’s what the new schedule will look like.

1st Tuesday: Poem/flash fiction

2nd Tuesday: Writing Tips/ Just Chatting

3rd Tuesday: Break for me!

4th Tuesday: Growing as a Writer

(And every Thursday I’ll post a video, so you’ll actually be getting two posts a week instead of one.)


New look for the blog!

If you’re are reading this in an e-mail or the WordPress reader, you may want to switch over to my site because it has a whole new look! I’ve been thinking about changing the theme for a few months now, and thought, “Why not? I’m changing everything else. Might as well make all the changes at once.”

My old theme didn’t allow widget sidebars on the sides of the home page, and I didn’t like how whatever was set for the header would take up the entire screen so all you saw when the site first loaded was the Invisible World logo. This new theme takes care of these things and also shows the entire post instead of just thumbnails so you don’t have to click to read the post. (I know clicking is so difficult and wanted to save you from that taxing effort :P.)

I also added a tag cloud so it will be easier to find topics and navigate posts. I hope you all like the new look.


Phew, I think that was all! I’m so excited about all these new projects. I can’t wait until The Hashna Stone is ready for you guys (which looks like July or August), and I’m loving making videos. I hope you all are enjoying the videos too!

Before I end this post, I have to say one more thing; It feels so good to be talking with you like this again. I’ve missed writing posts and the interaction with you all. No matter how many other social media platforms I try, this will always feel like home. I just love you guys!

Okay, I’m done being sappy. Until next time Epic Dreamers!

Before you go though, tell me what you think of all these changes. Do you like the new blog look? Have you had a chance to check out my YouTube channel (because it is pretty cool, if I do say so myself :P)? Any thoughts on the changes with the time/content of my posts?




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