Writing Tips from a Composer

The thing I found so remarkable about Hans Zimmer isn’t just how awesome his music sounds or how successful he’s been: It’s how he creates his music that I find so amazing.

He uses a secret mix of the force, Harry Potter’s wand, and Gandalf’s staff.
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Katniss, Tris, and Frodo Make You Smarter

I don’t like calling people stupid, but…  😉 I can’t help but love this quote.  Reading books may seem like nothing but a hobby or that thing that socially awkward people do (don’t act all cool and try to pretend that you aren’t…I see right through that act 😉 ), but reading is actually making you smarter. I don’t just mean if you read biographies and encyclopedias for fun.  Reading plain old fiction makes you smarter too.  (Wait, did I just call fiction plain?  Please forgive me.) (Can’t resist me now can you?  Silly…that isn’t even me.  It’s my sister.) … Continue reading Katniss, Tris, and Frodo Make You Smarter