Red—Listening to my drunken step-father yell

Being so angry, but having no one to tell


Yellow—being too afraid to runaway

Who would I go to, where would I stay


Green—Watching perfect families with perfect smiles

So carefree, why was I given these trials


Blue—The sadness, a deep well

The story I can’t tell


White—the emptiness of my life

The pain of the knife


Black—a dark cloud’s snare

A waking nightmare


Colors—swirling deep inside

Let me know I’m still alive


Colors—burning bright

In shadow and street light


Colors—my story at last told

My fear gone, finally bold



This was one of my favorites to write. Both because I dabble with painting and because I could relate to the intense emotions portrayed here all throughout my childhood. While I chose to let my feelings spill out on canvases that were in my possession, I can’t entirely fault people who find some sort of release in adding some color to a wall, even if that wall isn’t their own.

I don’t exactly condone it–I think people should respect other’s property–but I can empathize with the need to feel alive when inside feels dead and the need to create when everything around you seems grey.

Because graffiti ironically is done in a grimy alleyway or on a dingy train car, it is a perfect symbol for turning an ugly situation into something bright.

Just my thoughts…:)

What do you think of my poem? Do you think people should be  allowed to put graffiti on things? Did you ever sneak out and spray paint a wall?



6 thoughts on “Graffiti

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Aww thank you. It was a difficult time to go through, but it’s made me a stronger, more empathetic person. Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything.
      I didn’t set out to write something with such a sympathetic view on graffiti. It just sort of happened. 😀 But it definitely helped me see it differently.


  1. Hi Megan. That poem seeps right into the heart.
    As to graffiti, I’ve found it often enhances a boring grey slate left by a corporation who have not the vision of the (offending )street artists. Though I don’t like to see crude drawings and bad language. the bright angular shapes are just fine by me.

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