Blogging = Disney Princess

Last night I was deeply pondering the stages we bloggers go through as we begin our blog. Actually, I was just trying to come up with something to post today and thought how hard it is to come up with a post sometimes. I mean, bloggers should get an award for all the trouble they go through to start a blog, then continue posting again and again. And again. 

Then I realized that need an award. Being a blogger, we have a lot of things in common with some of the most saught-after girls in the world. Disney Princesses.

Don’t laugh, you know you wanted to be a princess when you were little. And you still do. (Come one, admit it. You didn’t grow out of Disney. You still have a Cinderella doll in your closet.) Wouldn’t it be nice to be a Disney princess, just for a day?

Well, I have great news for you! If you have a blog, you already are a Disney princess. In fact, you share some things in common with more than one princess.

I’ve explained it all below so you can feel absolutely fabulous and princess-y like. (Guy bloggers, don’t scroll down. I don’t want to be responsible for princessifying you.) 🙂



We start off as Ariel. We see all those successful bloggers out there with a gazillion billion subscribers and all we can do is stare, starry-eyed and wish we were part of their world.



Image result for ariel gif part of your world


Then we are Cinderella. We have big dreams for our blog and we know that if we believe in our dreams, they’ll come true. Or our clever mice friends will do the work for us and our fairy godmother will bippity bobbity boo our blog into being a success.


Bam! All my dreams just came true! I don’t even know what happened.



We’ve moved past the dream stage and realized that a blog doesn’t spring out of magical pumpkins. If we want to be “part of that world” we better work for it. We slave away commenting on other blogs, tweeting clever tweets, and making tons of gumbo in hopes that someone will notice our blog.





We’ve put a lot of work into our blog and spent a lot of time making that gumbo, so our friends and family are starting to notice that we have a new thing going. The problem is, not all of them like it. They think we’re a bit crazy. We’re wasting our time. Or they use that word to describe our blog: cute. Our response to their criticism goes something like this.

Sorry, but don’t mess with my dream!



Sometimes you have to fight for what you want, even when people are pressuring you to do something else. Want to write a post on the weekend so your readers don’t think you’ve forgotten about them, but some well-meaning friend is trying to drag you to some restaurant/party/thing that you don’t want to do? No problem. Pull a Merida on them.



All that work. All those disbelieving people and indulging smiles. All those posts we spent so long writing with no likes. All those people that are like Merida’s mom, trying to get us married when we want to run free and let our hair blow in the wind. It’s driving us crazy! That’s when we have to learn not to let it bother us. We are doing what we love to do and nothing is going to stop us. We learn to…

I’m sure you never saw that one coming. 😉 And ok, technically she is a queen. But you know what? Let it…slide. Just this once.



We’ve put in the practice, learned to let go of the things we couldn’t control, and hit some people with a frying pan. We’ve trained hard and can type all night without getting a single cramp in our fingers. We are masters at blogging. Our blog kicks butt!

Check out those blogging skills.


There you have it. Blogging makes you royalty. There’s no way you can argue with facts like that. 🙂


I hope this post made you feel fabulous, grin wildly, and fall in love with your blog again. Let me know if I accomplished that in the comments. And tell me who your favorite Disney princess is (mine is Merida and Rapunzel…oh and I love Mulan too). As always, I love hearing from you!

*Princess and non-princess are both welcome to comment.



17 thoughts on “Blogging = Disney Princess”

  1. I think that’s a pretty good analogy. And speaking as a male blogger, I’m comfortable enough with my gender to be “princessified,” at least for the purposes of a blog-related analogy.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I definitely feel like I’m in the Tiana stage, hahaha.

    Gotta work hard and roll up my sleeves!

    Awesome post 🙂


    1. Go Princess Tiana! You can do it! Blogs definitely are a lot of work, but they’re also so rewarding. I love having an outlet for my creativity.
      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Idc how people judge guys who know about these princesses but I’ve learn so much from each of their stories, I cant really pick my favorite one. I have a kid sis so I was forced into watching these movies but I absolutely loved each one of them. And as for the many stages of blogging, even though I’m a fairly new blogger I think I’ve been through all of those stages and it really made me smile!! 😀
    This was a great post. Thank you so much for it!

    Also, as you said, “bloggers should get an award for all the trouble they go through to start a blog”. Here’s your award! I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! Here’s the link!


    1. Well a lot of Disney Princess shows have enough action and “guy stuff” to keep boys interested. Especially ones like Mulan and Merida. 🙂 Congratulations on making it though all the stages. You’re a true blogger now. 😉 Thank’s for the award! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! True! And the story is so good. You don’t get such morals in all the movies, you know?
        It feels so nice to hear that :’) Yay. Achievement.
        You deserved it 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  4. You deserve an award just for coming up with this one. Super-accurate and fun! 😂
    My favourite keeps changing based on what I last watched (or am planning to watch), so right now it’s Cinderella (just read an adaptation and loved it) and Belle (because the live action movie is coming!) 🙂


    1. Thanks! I will gladly accept an award for coming up with this post. 😀 ;P I love reading adaptations of fairytales. It’s stories you loved as a kid with a twist. The last one I read like that was Cinder by Marissa Meyer. She had four different fairytales that all intertwined.

      Liked by 1 person

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