Blue Bird Takeover–Farewell

Usually I don’t want that blue bird showing up in my post, but this time I have something to say to him; you stole my story!


I most certainly did not.

Don’t act innocent with me blue bird. You think I wouldn’t recognize my own story?


Alright, so maybe I used something you wrote as inspiration.

Inspiration nothing. That was a story I posted a year ago, word for word.



You were supposed to write your own story from the prompt pirates and lace. You came up with it.


About that…. See I had some difficulty coming up with a story. It’s a lot harder than it looks you know.

I can’t believe I’m hearing this. After the hard time you gave me about the story I wrote?!


I know, I know. That’s exactly why I panicked and used a story you wrote. I thought it would be so easy.

It’s a lot harder than you thought it was, wasn’t it?


Stop rubbing it in.

It’s a lot harder than writing those weird little poems isn’t it?


I wouldn’t say that. There is a certain skill that it takes to write a poem like mine.

*cough* Certain skill called crazy.


I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. Let’s just say that this experience has made me realize something.

That I’m a genius and my writing is superb?


That you don’t need me anymore.

What? Did I really just hear what I think I heard?


Yes, girl human. I came here to help your blog and give your readers something exciting.

Oh, it’s been exciting alright. *rolls eyes*


But, while you don’t have my own skill and charming wit, you do have some small talent when it comes to writing.

Gee, thanks. Remind my to get teary eyed over your kind words. After I hit you with a frying pan.


Is that really the farewell I get?

What? You’re leaving? Really?


Yes, I’m leaving. I have other blogs to help you know. Don’t be so selfish.

Oh, I have no problem with sharing. I do pity the other blogs though.


Oh, please. Like you haven’t enjoyed our witty banter.

Arguing is more like it. But I must admit, it has been…interesting having you around.


Such sweet thanks for all my hard work. Remind me to get teary eyed later.

*rolls eyes*


Well, this is it. Goodbye girl human. Maybe we’ll see each other again.

Goodbye blue bird. Maybe we won’t.

Hello? Are you really gone? Whew….finally! Looks like that pest isn’t going to be bothering me anymore. I hope….



9 thoughts on “Blue Bird Takeover–Farewell

  1. Dag! JUST when I got the tactical team in place. Oh well. At least the bird was not harmed LOL.
    “Gee, thanks. Remind my to get teary eyed over your kind words. After I hit you with a frying pan.” XD


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