Blue Bird Takeover–A Promise, a Smile, and Prom.

Monday’s post was just depressing. And it was such a promising prompt too. Strawberry Bride. It sounded so cute. But of course that blue bird would find a way to ruin it. If you haven’t read the Strawberry Bride poem, don’t. Save your eyes from the horror.

If you’re new to Invisible World, I apologize for this rant. And Monday’s post. And for the writing prompt in the post before that. Actually, I apologize for all the posts since January 5th when that crazy bird started ruining my blog.

All I did was put an innocent-looking Twitter icon at the bottom of my posts so people could find me on Twitter. Now the thing has come alive and is putting out terrible writing prompts and even more terrible responses to them. He pops up out of no where in the middle of my posts! He says he’s helping my blog, but I’m pretty sure he’s just doing it to annoy me.


I am not. I resent your unappreciation.

I resent you being here.


I resent your hostility toward me when all I’m doing is trying to help.

You want to talk about hostility? Did you read the poem on my blog Monday?!


I wrote it actually.

It was appalling! How many ways can people die because of strawberries?


It was quite creative wasn’t it? And appalling…I do believe your vocabulary is growing.

The only thing growing is my anger. Valentine’s Day is coming up. The strawberry bribe prompt was a perfect for writing something sweet and romantic. You turned it into a bloodbath!


Red is the color of strawberries. Red is the color of blood. They go together quite nicely in my opinion.

You. Are. Disgusting.


Oh, quit complaining. It was all in good fun. People laughed. It was a joke. It’s not as if anyone actually died.

That’s not the point. The point is that Valentine’s Day is coming up and people want sweet, happy poems. But instead of chocolates and hearts they got bandits and elephant-hippo collides.


Sounds like someone had a bad experience last Valentine’s. *wink* Care to share?

I’m not talking about my Valentine’s Day. I’m talking about you’re crazy poem!


You sure you didn’t have a romantic dinner that involved bandits and elephants and hippos?

*scowl* Yes.


How disappointing. I would have loved to hear about that.

Your poem was disappointing.


What a clever comeback. *rolls eyes* It was quite a good poem actually. Did you notice that every single line ended with a word that rhymed with bride? That was a bit difficult to do. Or that the lines go from short to long, then back to short again? It formed a sideways strawberry.


………….Image result for sarcastic hand clap gif



How mature…using a GIF to convey your feeling of displeasure. Did you run out of words? I thought you were a writer or something.

I thought I was too, until you showed up and started writing my posts for me.


Well, I can fix that.

You’re going to leave? *Hopeful smile*


I’m going to let you write the next post.

*shoulders slumping* Oh goody. What do I get to write about? Banana bridesmaids?


How droll. Actually, you get to write about whatever you want because you’re deciding the prompt.

You’re letting me write the prompt and the response? Why are you being so nice all of a sudden? Finally realize how annoying you’re being?

Twitter_bird_iconI was just tired of your pouting.

I guess I shouldn’t hope for miracles. *eye roll* Well, here’s my chance to write something more Valentine-ish.

Time to end this post! See ya Monday Epic Dreamers! (Man it feel good to be the one to end a post again 😉 ).


The prompt for this week is a promise, a smile, and prom. 


Use promise, a smile, and prom as a prompt for a story, poem, or photograph and create a post on you blog.


There are 2 things to do after you put your post out there:

  1. Put a link to your post in the comments along with the title to your post and I’ll list your link in the next blog post.
  2. Tweet a link to your post and use my twitter handle @meganbedwel and I’ll retweet!







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