Strawberry Bride

Strawberry Bride


You won’t live with the strawberry bride

Her first husband choked an a strawberry that was fried

Her second husband slumped over dead on a strawberry patch ride

Her third husband took strawberries to sea and was washed in by the tide

Her fourth husband was killed by bandits while picking strawberries on a hillside

Her fifth husband took a sip of strawberry lemonade and was killed by a passing loin pride

Her seventh husband was eating strawberry pie when he keeled over from a remark that was snide

Her eighth husband ate a peanut butter strawberry sandwich and broke his neck on a kiddie slide

Her ninth husband had strawberry jam toast, got struck by lightning though he was inside

Her tenth husband juggled strawberries and got caught in an elephant-hippo collide

Here eleventh husband stepped on a strawberry, was crushed by a rock slide

Her twelfth husband napped in a strawberry patch, there he died

You won’t live with the strawberry bride


12 thoughts on “Strawberry Bride

      1. I’ll make sure to tell you went I put it out. I probably won’t get to it until the week of the 20th because this coming week I’ll be posting a story in honor of Valentine’s Day.

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