Blue Bird Takeover–Strawberry Bride

I know these writing prompts are supposed to be silly, but come on. Shy zombies? That poem was the worst I’ve seen. I’m ashamed it’s on my blog.


You’re only ashamed that you didn’t come up with something so cleverly funny.

It wasn’t clever or funny.


Oh quit being such a spoil sport. Everyone loved it. Zombies are in. They’re cool.

They’re disgusting.


And shy.

Ugh. You aren’t cute, blue bird.


You aren’t nice, girl human.

Aren’t nice?! I let you hang around don’t I? Even though you ruin my blog posts, write bad poetry, and make me look ridiculous on Twitter. If I weren’t nice, I would have kicked you off here by now.


You haven’t kicked me off because you can’t figure out how to kick me off.



Well, since the girl human is out of words, I guess I won that argument. Now that there isn’t anything else to say, I’ll end the post.

You’re ending it? Already? We usually go on for another two hundred words or so.


As much as I adore bickering with you, I really don’t have the time.

Pft…What else do you have to do? You’re a bird inside a computer.


I have to come up with another poem of course!

Oh, what fun. What’s it going to be about this time? Vampires? Werewolves?


I guess I’ll just have to end this post for you to find out. See ya!



This little blue bird will take you to my Twitter page where it will continuously feed you random lines about writing, blogging, and the Strawberry bride. 


Use strawberry bride as a prompt for a story, poem, or photograph and create a post on you blog.


There are 2 things to do after you put your post out there:

  1. Put a link to your post in the comments along with the title to your post and I’ll list your link in the next blog post.
  2. Tweet a link to your post using the hashtag #bluebirdtweets and twitter handle @meganbedwel and I’ll retweet!

*(If you don’t have time to create a post and still want to join, write a tweet inspired by the prompt and use my Twitter handle and I’ll retweet you.)

Twitter_bird_iconIf you haven’t been following me on Twitter, you’re missing out on all my tweets with different takes on the prompt. If the prompt above doesn’t get your imagination going, my tweets will!


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