Cowardly Fly, Reckless Frog

There once was fly so cowardly

He ducked low when he saw a bee

He hid behind a leaf when the wind blew

And jittered and jumped at a dove’s coo


There once was a frog so reckless

Did such stupid things that he seemed brainless

He thought that dangerous acts made him brave

So to every challenge he wouldn’t cave


The frog was dared to catch a fly

And at that challenge he didn’t bat an eye

The cowardly fly saw the frog coming

He knew he’d better get running


The fly fled and hid, as he did best

But the reckless frog was up to the test

He chased up trees, over mountain and hill

Through canyons and volcanoes he chased still


The fly knew that the frog’s daring would last

And his little fly life was about to be a thing of the past

There was only thing left to try

The fly would have to stop being cowardly, or he would die


The fly stopped fleeing and faced his fear

The reckless frog came at him with a leer

I bet you can’t jump to the other side of this river

The fly challenged the frog with a shiver


He puffed his neck, he was the bravest frog in the land

And the frog took the challenge, as the fly planned

In one swift leap, the frog was midair

The fly knew he wouldn’t last, this was the crocodile’s lair



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