Blue Bird Takeover– Cowardly Flies and Reckless Frogs

Twitter_bird_iconHey there Invisible World! Or uh, Epic Dreamers as the girl human calls you…. I’ve been thinking about this whole writing prompt thing and–

Wait just a minute. Are you writing a blog post?

Twitter_bird_iconWhat does it look like?

You are! You’re wring a post on my blog. As if tweeting wasn’t enough. Now you think you can takeover my blog too?!

Twitter_bird_iconPft…as if I’d want to take over your blog. If I were going to take over a blog, I’d go for one that was popular.

*Sticks out tongue* At least I have a blog. That fact seems to be making you jealous.

Twitter_bird_iconI’m certainly not jealous of this little space on the internet you call a blog–


Twitter_bird_iconAnd did you really just stick your tongue out at me? Are you incapable of defending yourself with speech or do you enjoy impersonating a five-year-old?

I have been defending myself with speech for the last two blog posts and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Twitter_bird_iconAnd you call yourself a writer.

I write stories. I’m not supposed to be using my words to argue with some little blue bird.

Twitter_bird_iconThen don’t. You are the one arguing. I’m only trying to help you.

Help me be writing my blog posts for me? I don’t think so. You’ve already ruined my last two posts. Now you are trying to take my place!

Twitter_bird_iconRelax girl human. I could never take your place *cough* I’m not crazy enough *cough*

Stop with the coughing. We are not doing that again. And if you know that you can’t take my place, why are you trying to take over my blog?

Twitter_bird_iconAs I said earlier, I’m not trying to take your place. I only wanted to talk to your readers about the writing prompts.

Finally, you said something that I can agree with. They’re my readers.

Twitter_bird_iconYou know, if you don’t stop with that scarily possessive attitude your readers are going to desert you. *whispers* You may want to run for your lives readers.

Speak up! Why are you whispering like that?

Twitter_bird_iconWhispering? Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t whisper in a blog post.

Ugh! Forget it. Just leave so I can try to salvage this blog post.

Twitter_bird_iconI can’t leave yet. I didn’t get to say what I wanted to about the writing prompts.

Fine. But make it quick.

Twitter_bird_iconReally?  You aren’t going to insist I leave or insult me? Admit it. You are warming up to me girl human.

More like I know you won’t shut up until you get your way.

Twitter_bird_iconFinally learning, aren’t you girl human? *wink*

It’s human girl.

Twitter_bird_iconAnyway, like I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted–

Interrupted? You want to talk about interrupted?! Try the last two blog posts–

Twitter_bird_iconAhem. I thought you were going to let me talk.

Oh yeah. Sorry.

Twitter_bird_iconDid you just apologize? You are warming up to me.

*Scowl* Don’t get used to it little bird.

Twitter_bird_iconSo anyway, like I was saying. I’ve been thinking about the writing prompts and I think that it is unfair to make you guys do all the work. I mean I do come up with some pretty impressive tweets, but maybe it’s time I do more than that. So for this next prompt, I’m going to write a responce.


Twitter_bird_iconWhat’s wrong girl human? Scared my stuff is going to be better than yours?

If your stories are anything like your tweets, they are going to be rediculous.

Twitter_bird_iconThanks for the vote of confidence. I’ll be sure to come to you the next time I need a pick-me-up.

You don’t need any confidence. You’re already so full of yourself, you’d pop like a balloon if you had any more confidence.

Twitter_bird_iconThat’s quite a clever line. You must have learned it from me. *Wink*

The only thing I’ve learned from you is how to control my temper. And I’m not sure how long I’ll remember that lesson. *Glare*

Twitter_bird_iconI guess that’s my cue to leave then. Let me end this post with the usual…



This little blue bird will take you to my Twitter page where it will continuously feed you random lines about writing, blogging, and Cowardly flies and reckless frogs.



Seriously? Cowardly flies and reckless frogs? That’s what you are going to write a story about?

I’m going to write a poem actually.

Ugh. This is going to be awful. You can’t post that on my blog. People will think I wrote it.

Probably not. They’ll realize that the poem is way too intellectually stimulating for you to have written.

You know what? I’m to intellectual to continue with this conversation. Goodbye.

Now that she’s gone, I can give you a quick reminder of how this works. Use Cowardly flies and reckless frogs as a prompt for a story, poem, photograph, or even just a tweet if you don’t have a lot of time.


There are 2 things to do after you put your post out there:

  1. Put a link to your post in the comments along with the title to your post and I’ll list your link in the next blog post.
  2. Tweet a link to your post using the hashtag #bluebirdtweets and twitter handle @meganbedwel and I’ll retweet!


*(If you don’t have time to create a post and still want to join, write a tweet inspired by the prompt and use my Twitter handle and I’ll retweet you.)


Twitter_bird_iconIf you haven’t been following me on Twitter, you’re missing out on all my tweets with different takes on the prompt. If the prompt above doesn’t get your imagination going, my tweets will!


A big thanks goes to KetCage for being the fist one to use the prompt (dragons and computers). His post is a fun, energetic take on what life would be like with a dragon around. You’re day will definitely be brightened. 🙂

So make sure you check out…

Imagine Dragons


5 thoughts on “Blue Bird Takeover– Cowardly Flies and Reckless Frogs

  1. Wow! I have a post in your blog :’)
    I don’t know how to thank you!
    It feels epic!
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

    PS. It looks like the little birdie is getting to you 😛


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