Blue Bird Takeover– Magical Daydreams in Antarctica

You may have noticed my little friend at the end of every post lately. I kind of like having him around, but he’s been saying the same thing.

“This little blue bird will take you to my Twitter page where it will continuously feed you random lines about writing, blogging, and the world inside my head.”

Come on blue bird, get a little more creative will you?  People don’t want to hear the same thing spouted out at them over and over. Sheesh…Quit annoying people.

As you’ve noticed, I’m quite annoyed by this little pest who’s been showing up post after post trilling out the same robotic boringness. So I had a talk with the little guy and told him to straighten up.

Nicely of course. *Angelic smile*

Twitter_bird_iconOh, is this why you have a blog? So you can dole out impulsive lies?

What?! Are you talking in my blog post?

Twitter_bird_iconI’ve been doing it for months now. Apparently, you didn’t like my repetitiveness. Remember?

But that wasn’t you. That was me, writing a few words and putting it by a cute little bird icon to let people know I was on Twitter.

Twitter_bird_iconSo, you admit that the repetitiveness was your own doing?

Yes…I mean no! You’re confusing me. You aren’t really supposed to talk.

Twitter_bird_iconI’m not supposed to talk? Then how can you blame me for repetitive messages I supposedly left?

I…uh…stop changing the subject! The point is that you aren’t supposed to be in my blog post. I’m writing this, and I don’t need your help.

Twitter_bird_iconI think you do.


Twitter_bird_iconBecause your posts have been a bit, how shall I put this? Repetitive. Come on girl human, get a little more creative will you? People don’t want to hear the same thing spouted out over and over. Don’t be a pest, trilling out the same robotic boringness. In short, girl human, sheesh quit annoying people.

Hey! You can’t just come into my blog post and tell me what to do. And what makes you think I’m annoying people?! Do you know how many followers I have? People love me and…. Wait, did you just use my own words against me?

Twitter_bird_iconYou’re real quick, girl human.

It’s human girl. Not “girl human.” And you talk about my wit. *eye roll*

Twitter_bird_iconWhat wit?

That’s it. Get out of my post.

Twitter_bird_iconI would, but I haven’t done my good deed for the day yet.

Your good deed can be leaving.

Twitter_bird_iconI am going to spice up those little repetitive messages at the end of you posts.

Can you stop using the word repetitive?

Twitter_bird_iconWhy? Is it too repetitive for you?

Grrr…Look bird, I didn’t ask for your help so fly along and let me handle this.

Twitter_bird_iconYou think I want my picture next to your lame wall of text? If you are going to use my image, I want something brilliant to be beside it.

Fine, I won’t use your picture anymore.

Twitter_bird_iconToo late. I’ve already prepared several things to add to your little list of things I’m supposed to be ‘feeding’ your followers on twitter.

Don’t add anything.

Twitter_bird_iconAnd I’ve gained access to your twitter account so I can actually feed them—

You what?! You will not be posting anything on my twitter account.

Twitter_bird_iconBut you’ve been telling everyone for months that—and I quote—“He [that’s me] will feed you random lines about writing, blogging, and—“

I know what I said, but that doesn’t mean I actually want you to start tweeting for me.

Twitter_bird_iconMaybe you shouldn’t say things you don’t mean.

It was just a fun way of putting things. No one actually believed that you were tweeting for me.

Twitter_bird_iconThey did actually. And they were really disappointed when they got to your twitter and found only boring tweets from you.

Excuse me? My tweets are pretty clever and highly entertaining.


What’s wrong? Have a worm stuck in your throat?

Twitter_bird_iconI’m in a good mood, so I won’t comment on your ‘pretty clever and highly entertaining’ tweets. I’ve found a way to make it fun for your poor, bored-stiff readers.

They are not bored stiff.

Twitter_bird_iconPlain bored then. I’m making it fun for you bored readers by giving them what you promised them. Randomness.

Do I want to know?

Twitter_bird_iconShh. You’re interrupting me.

You interrupted my post!

Twitter_bird_iconI am helping your post.

You are destroying it.

Twitter_bird_iconI can’t work with this. Since the girl human won’t let me finish explaining my brilliant plan to bring you fun, I must show you. Which means ending this post.

You can’t end my post! That’s my job. It’s my post. My blog.

Twitter_bird_icon*clicks tongue* So possessive. Here is the end of the post everyone!



This little blue bird will take you to my Twitter page where it will continuously feed you random lines about writing, blogging, and magical daydreams in Antarctica.


Twitter_bird_iconHey! It’s me again.

Get. Out.

Twitter_bird_iconI just wanted to point out that the last few words were underlined—

I think we can all see that.

Twitter_bird_iconThis is the part I’ll keep changing every week. It’s also the part I’ll tweet about personally. I’ll leave that other boring stuff to the girl human.

It’s human girl.

Twitter_bird_iconSo join me on Twitter to see what I come up with. I’ll be using the hashtag #bluebirdtweets so you’ll know when it’s the good stuff.

The good stuff is all of the stuff I tweet.


Whew…I think he’s gone.

Sorry about all that. You shouldn’t have had to sit though such an obnoxious conversation. Can you believe the nerve of that bird? To hack into my twitter account?

Don’t worry though, I’m going to change my password. You won’t be seeing anything about magical daydreams in Antarctica.

I hope.


Twitter_bird_iconHey, I’m back again. But, shh, don’t let her know. I wanted to tell you that you can use magical daydreams in Antarctica as a writing prompt for a story, poem, photo, or even just a random tweet.

I’ll put a link to your prompt response in the next post!

There are 2 things to do after you put your post out there:

  1. Put a link to your post in the comments along with the title to your post and I’ll list your link in the next blog post.
  2. Tweet a link to your post using the hashtag #bluebirdtweets and twitter handle @meganbedwel and I’ll retweet!


*(If you don’t have time to create a post and still want to join, write a tweet inspired by the prompt and use my Twitter handle and I’ll retweet you.)

Here’s the Next Prompt…

12 thoughts on “Blue Bird Takeover– Magical Daydreams in Antarctica

    1. It’s just meant to be a prompt that gets your imagination going. You could write a story that takes place in Antarctica. Maybe a tourist who gets lost from his group because he was busy daydreaming. Or a scientist who botches his observations because he has a tendency to let his mind wonder.
      You could write a fantastical story where Antarctica has huge cities. Perhaps a climate change like global warming has made Antarctica the only place that has a comfortable temperature and everyone is trying to live there.
      Or just a scene with a kid daydreaming about Antarctica.
      It’s preferred that both “Antarctica” and “daydreaming” show up in some way in your story, but it’s perfectly fine if it only has one of those. 🙂
      I hope that answered your question!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s alright. That bird is quite persuasive. 😀 I’m glad you liked it. It’s not too late to join in though. As long as you post you’re link before Thursday morning I’ll put it in my Thursday’s post.

      Liked by 1 person

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