Bloggers at Christmas

Most of the people who read this blog have blogs of their own. A lot of them are reading/writing related, but there are a bunch of different categories that my readers fall into.

This post does a little exploring into what the different types of blogs and bloggers are like at Christmas time. And of course, it does it in a silly, humorous way. 🙂

Photography blog

This blog has a barrage of photographs captivating Christmas scenes that are so perfect readers aren’t sure if what they’ve been experiencing for the past years is even Christmas. The photographs hold magazine-cover-perfect Christmas trees, scrumptious cookies, and nostalgic views of presents with softly glowing lights in the background.

The photography blogger is on a mission to make their readers realize just how beautiful Christmas is.

Most wanted Christmas gift: for their Christmas to turn out as amazing as it looks on camera.

Image result for christmas photography


Teen Girl Blog

They take a brake from posting about their latest celeb crush to talk about their Christmas wish list, complete with photos and links to the products. Their blog doesn’t get a new post for the rest of the month because the blogger is too busy shooing.

For the teen-girl blogger, Christmas is the time to finally get enough make up and fashion accessories to blog about for the next year.

Most wanted Christmas gift: clothes, shoes, makeup, straightener, blow dryer, curling wand, iPod, and gift certificates to every store within a hundred-mile radius.

Image result for girl with tons of shopping bags


Crafty/Artsy Blog

For the crafty blogger, there is no better time of the year than Christmas.  This is the perfect time to try making all those cutesy Christmas decorations they’ve seen on Pinterest. Then they’ll write a post peppered with photos of their crafty decoration that make their house look like a magazine-worthy Christmas gathering. They’ll make everyone on their gift list a guinea pig for the make-your-own-Christmas-gift post they’re writing.

For the crafty/artsy blogger, Christmas is the marathon they’ve trained for all year long. They’ve honed their crafty skills specifically for this time of highly competitive decorating and intense gift giving.

Most wanted Christmas gift: every single thing in Michael’s.

Image result for rapunzel painting gif


Health Blog

Christmas is not a good time of the year for the health blogger. Just look at all the sugar that’s consumed. The stuff is everywhere. People even put it on their trees! Do they actually eat all those candy canes when they take the tree down? All the unhealthy food isn’t the only bad news for this blogger. their blog stats have never been lower. No one is reading those exercise tips and healthy recipes when there are holiday dishes to overindulge in. And shopping counts as exercise, right? All the time they used to spend answering comments is now spent scrolling through the crafty blog and wondering if they chose the wrong topic to blog about.

For the health blogger, Christmas is a time to sit back and wait for January and new year’s resolutions happen so they can bestow their knowledge on all those unfortunate suckers who ignored them during the Holidays.

Most wanted Christmas gift: a time machine that will take them to January.

Image result for time machine


Mommy Blog 

Christmas is yet another opportunity to post pictures of their children. Here’s one of them picking out the tree. Here’s one of them decorating the tree. One of them standing in front of the tree. One of the baby crawling under the tree. One of the tree on the living room floor because the baby pulled on it at the same time their son hit the tree with the ball he wasn’t supposed to throw in the house, at the same their daughter put the cat in the tree because she wanted to watch it climb.

For the mommy blogger, Christmas is a wonderful, magical time at the end of which she needs a long, long vacation.

Most wanted Christmas gift: a nap.

Image result for sleeping beauty falling asleep gif


Travel Blog

The Travel blogger compiles photos from all the different countries they’ve spent Christmas in puts it in a post that reflects on all they’ve learned on their journeys. This is a time to take a moment to appreciate how lucky they are to have traveled to so many amazing places. They are well aware that they’re grand list of adventures and humble words of worldly wisdom will have the desired effect of making readers envious that the only place they’ve traveled to is the beach a couple miles away.

The travel blog gets a boost in traffic this time of year from the mommy bloggers who are planning a make-believe get away.

For the travel blogger, Christmas is a checklist. Another year, another place. It’s also a time to humbly brag to their readers.

Most wanted Christmas gift: comments left on their post telling them how lucky they are.

Image result for i can show you the world gif



Writer Blog

The writer blog is mournfully silent. They haven’t mustered the strength to write a single word since November after all their words were siphoned out of them by NaNoWriMo.

For the writer blogger, Christmas is a time to bury their dreams of author-hood with Christmas music, blankets, and an unhealthy amount of hot chocolate.

Most wanted Christmas gift: an elf that will complete the draft the started in November.

Image result for elf writing gif

(That’s not exactly what I had in mind.)

Related image

(Well, that’s not exactly what I had in mind either, but I’ll take it. 😀 )

I hope that was a fun little read for you, Epic Dreamers. Have a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And have a wonderful _______ (insert any other holidays you celebrate)!




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13 thoughts on “Bloggers at Christmas”

  1. That was a fun and entertaining post that made me realise I haven’t laughed out loud in so long! I blame those pesky exams for it. A very enjoyable read, Megan. Your humour never fails to crack me up! 😀
    Incidentally, Legolas is exactly who I had in mind when you said elf. 😛
    Merry Christmas to you and your folks! I don’t celebrate it, but it’s a good excuse to get my hands on all the sugary stuff and, of course, hot chocolate! 😀


    1. I’m so glad I could make you laugh, especially after exams. I know how those things can zap all the joy from your life. 😉
      I guess Legolas is just the one that comes to mind every time the word “elf” is mentioned. 😀
      Thank you! I hope your holiday is filled with lots of sugary stuff and hot chocolate! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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