Writing: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

Hey there Epic Dreamers! It’s been a while since I’ve “just chatted” with you so I decided today would be the day we’d sit down and have a little chat. So, how’s life treating you? Any big plans? Any big plans you’re regretting having planned because you’ve barely started and it’s already harder than you thought and you wish you could wave a magic wand over it and have it finished?

Yes, I’m talking about something specific in my life right now. Can I make a confession? Writing is HARD.

As you know, I’ve decided to turn The Hashna Stone into a book. This means a lot more writing than what I did for the choose-your-adventure version I did on the blog.

For one thing, there is a lot of work that goes into a segment of writing before the actual writing is done.



All that pacing back and forth is tiring!

Seriously, sometimes I sit down to write and my entire writing session is like this. I can’t decide how I want the chapter to start. I’m bored of this scene that should have ended in two paragraphs but is stretching on into infinity. Everything thing I write sounds like a first grader wrote it.

The list goes on.

Then when I finally get past the deleting-every-sentence-I-write syndrome my writing time is up and I have to move on to mundane, unimportant things. Like living.

For all the frustration writing can bring, it also happens to bring the most satisfaction. There is something so fulfilling about finishing a chapter or having a particular scene turn out well. It’s worth going through the hard parts to get the thrill that comes from realizing that I am writing a book. How many people can say that?

Yes writing, you can be an incredible pain sometimes, but I wouldn’t be able to live without you.


So, what about you guys? Anything in your lives that can be a pain sometimes but you wouldn’t want to live without it?



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20 thoughts on “Writing: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

  1. Sometimes I hit that kind of crossroads when I’m working on a show. There is a local community theatre here that I’ve been a part of for over twenty years. All of the shows that are put on are volunteer; we do it for the sheer love of the stuff. In that final stretch for a show the rehearsals pile on and your house turns into a glorified storage shed that you sleep at. Meals are all fast food as you go from work to the playhouse, you see your family just in passing, and you get tired as crap. Really tired. Just at that moment where you ask yourself, “Why am I doing this to myself again?” you get to open the show and start the production. The fruit of your work is ready to share with others. The shows here only go two weekends, so it’s not that bad once you have opened.
    There’s a balance to strive for in how much of yourself you put in to your art or craft. There are times when it demands a lot of you. A lot of the time it’s really hard work. It just needs to be worth it.
    I know it’s not quite the same as being dedicated to writing a book, but there are similar themes between the two.

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    1. Different art forms can still have a lot in common. It sounds like you know exactly how I feel. There are times when even doing what you love is frustrating. But that doesn’t mean you really want to quit, because the sheer love of creating something, whether that be a book or a play, outweighs any frustration. Being able to share stories in any form is a very rewarding experience. 🙂

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  2. Aww man. This reminds me of when I was forced to learn how to write and silence my inner editor! Last December, I was on the road to finishing up my first Sims story. I needed to complete it by the middle of January because I was enrolled in a very intense course from then until March. I had like 30 chapters to write in like 45 days. I sat down and started writing. Then I deleted and rewrote and paced and wrote and deleted and all that jazz you know all too well lol. I was so frustrated because two weeks had gone by and I had written like 3 chapters lol. It was going so slow and I actually shouted “I’M NOT GONNA FINISH LIKE THIS!!” After I calmed myself lol, I said, “Ok…just this once, just write, don’t stop, and then if you have time go back and fix stuff.” I felt like it was the only way I could write that much in that time. I started it, and it was ok and actually not hard—probably because of the pressure lol. After a while, I actually began to like it! And after another little while, it kind of became a habit. Yeah, there are still times when I can’t silence the inner editor, but for the most part, I’m kinda cured lol. Maybe you should try.

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    1. Yes, that inner editor is the worst! lol At least during that first draft. I guess it’s needed later. 😛
      Oh my goodness….30 chapters in 45 days?! That’s a lot of chapters squeezed into a small amount of time. You must have been working like crazy to get it done. Which makes it even more frustrating when you hit a wall like that, because than everything snowballs.
      I have to admit, silencing my inner editor is something I’m still working on. Some days I sit down and let the words flow. Other days I do get a bit stuck on wanting what I write to be great the first time around. I just have to keep reminding myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time (thank goodness!).

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      1. Aww man, yeah! I was writing like mad that month! I usually take two weeks off of work from just before Christmas until the new year. I barely left my desk lol. But, I did it! I even had a little time to edit some of them. I kept telling myself that it would be better for my readers to get a less than perfect chapter now than to wait three months or more for a perfect chapter. It worked very well!


      2. I bet you were! It’s so satisfying when you finish a seemingly impossible writing feat like that. It’s the greatest feeling when you can sit back and look at all you accomplished. 🙂
        Oh yes…knowing that readers are waiting for chapters will keep you going. That’s one think I don’t have with this writing project that I did with the first version because I’m not putting a chapter out there every week. Knowing that readers need a new chapter silences that inner editor real quick! 😀

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  3. I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year and I thought I’ll have a rough outline this time to help me out, but I still haven’t started on it. So, yeah, I’m kinda panicking because I wanted to have at least mapped out my beginning by this week and it’s already almost Thursday here!
    Anyway, I can totally relate to whatever you said about writing. It is hard, which is why most people can’t make a living out of it. But there’s something beautiful about it too and the joy of creating a book from something that existed as pure thought in your head feels amazing. I think you should rein in that part of you which says whatever you’ve written is worthless. First drafts are hardly masterpieces. Most of the time, they look nothing like the finished product. It’s okay to get things wrong initially. You can always snag the errors when you begin your revisions. Keep at it, Megan. I’m sure it’ll turn out beautifully. 🙂

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    1. I’m going to do NaNoWriMo too! Though I’m probably cheating because I’ll have my first few chapters done. 😛 But I can still write 50,000 words so I guess that works. I just think doing NaNo would be a huge motivation. It’s always worked well for me in the past. That way I HAVE to sit and write those words.
      Thanks for the encouragement! It’s good to be reminded sometimes that it’s ok for things to be a hot mess. It doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. 🙂

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  4. All that pacing–and along the top of a doghouse, no less. I’m sorry for the difficulties in the writing process. And to quote a leading writing theorist (Peter Elbow–really, it’s Elbow), writing is “messy.” I say organic, but messy is more visceral. I usually end up writing everything I think I mean to write, then editing out. Then going away. Then coming back. Doing something else, anything else. Returning. Seeking a place or point of satisfaction, meaning where I’m willing to let it go, even to get first impressions. Is there anything else I do that is as circular and frustrating? Things I don’t do well. Clean. Take care of my car. Buy clothes. Cook (which I pretty much don’t do at all). Next to these, writing’s subtly and wondrously done. Which speaks to the frenetic aspects of my life. I’m happy that you’re writing, Megan. I’m looking forward to having the Hashna story more widely read. But anything you write and share is funny in the healthiest way and highly engaging.–your friend and cheerleader, Christopher

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    1. I may not be any better at writing, but I’m really good at balancing on top of dog houses now. 😀 Yes, writing is a bit of a messy process. It’s not like math where there’s only one way to do it and one answer to get. But that’s what makes it so fun. There is lots of room for creativity and surprises.
      Thank you for the cheerleading! 😀


  5. you’re right…writing is very hard and I feel you. I have two pending stories and I haven’t finished it yet. Writing these stories… is such a pain in the ass but I can’t stop doing it because I really enjoy writing.


  6. Great post! Definitely have a love – hate thing going on with writing at the moment. I’m deep in the hate part right now. 😔 I recently had to pull apart a manuscript that was 75% complete, and start from scratch. Reworking and rewriting, it’s painful right now, but I wouldn’t stop for anything, cause as much as I hate it at times, I still love the feeling of creating something.


    1. Oh no! That must be the most frustrating thing to be so close and have to start over like that. 😦
      But you’re right. There is something amazing about creating something from nothing but your imagination. I love the quote that says, “I write because creating something that didn’t exists before is as close to magic as I’ll ever get.”

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      1. I love that quote! I may need to write that one out and stick above my computer 😉
        But yes, beyond frustrating, but I’ll get it there. I love my characters too much to leave them unfinished 🙂

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