The Book I’m Writing is No Longer a Secret

Hello Epic Dreamers!

Today is the day you finally get to discover something you’ve been waiting to find out for weeks. The votes are in and it’s time to reveal which story I’ll be turning into a book.

Is it a remake of The Hashna Stone? Will Dalan, Ethan, Faiza, and Rachael be given a chance to come back as fully-developed characters in a book?


Will Samel get his own story and be able to show you just what it is like to be a dwarf in Hashna?

Answer is….

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The Hashna Stone!

The voters have spoken and this will be the first book that Invisible World creates.

How exciting is that?

Before I move on with details about the book, I’d like to tell all of you that were looking forward to reading Samel’s story that you don’t have to be disappointed. The Hashna Stone won by only one vote, so that let me know there was a lot of interest in Samel’s story. With almost a tie between the stories, I can’t simply discard one can I? Besides, it’s Samel we’re talking about. How can anyone resist that mischievous, curly-headed dwarf?

The good news is, I’ll still write Samel’s story. The other good news is that I’ll be writing The Hashna Stone first, which has Samel in it. 😉

Now that we’re all happy… 😀

Ok, so now that you all know what the book is going to be about, you’re probably wondering what the book is about. Yes I just used the same word. No they don’t mean the same thing. 😉 Let me explain.


What the book is about…

You know that The Hashna Stone is about Dalan, a sixteen-year-old boy, who finds a mysterious piece of jewelry in a cave. Finding out where the jewelry came from isn’t the only thing Dalan has to discover. The king has been acting strange since the death of his brother. He broke the alliance between Minaria and the dwarves of Hashna, and he created a new law that allows soldiers to take orphans from the streets and bring them to the castle to work.

The jewelry Dalan found turns out to be a lot of trouble, and he is tasked with getting it back to its rightful owner. At the same time, he must re-established the alliance and discover why the king would want a bunch of orphans.

He has to save the orphans, save the dwarves, save the stone, save the kingdom. Save the world!

Ok, so not the world, but you get my point. There is a lot of saving going on.

Image result for i will save you meme

What the book is about

Those of you who have read the blog version of the story are like, “Yeah, yeah. I know he finds a random big red gem in the middle of nowhere and that he has to doge some soldiers. And fight off some grimulin. And sneak around the castle. But what else is this story about? Or is there anything else? I have read the whole thing you know.”

First off, congrats on reading the whole thing. You are now my favorite reader (don’t tell the others).

Second, yes there most certainly is more to the story than the blog version. I wouldn’t have suggested the idea of turning it into a book if all of the story were already written.

And third…well I can’t tell you everything this story is about. Otherwise I’d have the whole book right here in this blog post. 🙂

But I will give you a peek into what makes the book version different from the blog version. 

Anyone wondering if I’m going to get rid of characters can worry no more because Faiza, Ethan, Rachael, and Samel aren’t going anywhere (except to Hashna). And of course Dalan stays. He’s the main character. The show doesn’t go on without him!

I won’t be killing off characters in the book version, but I will be adding new ones.

You don’t get a chance to meet any of the others that live in Dalan’s orphanage in the blog version, but you will now. He doesn’t want to be revealed until the book so all I can tell you is that he is fourteen, has unruly blonde hair, and his name is Thomas. I can’t say anything else, or he’ll get mad at me. (There’s nothing worse than making a character mad…it isn’t worth the risk.)

Besides new characters, there will be new…creatures?

Remember how the grimulin were spirits who were made to be seen by ______ (I can’t put spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read it yet 😛 )? Well now there aren’t just grimulin in the spirit world. They have company. Something called Siril that aren’t similar to grimulin at all. Except that they are spirits of course.

There are also some cool ways that humans can use grimulin and siril in this story. How? I can’t just tell you that silly. You’ll have to read the book! (I love author power.)

Speaking of power…

You know how the dwarf magic is just, well, dwarf magic? There isn’t any explanation for how the get it or how it works. In The Hashna Stone book, the mystery of dwarf magic is solved!

Image result for it's magic gif

Oh, and there’s also a religion added. And speaking of religion: the old version briefly mentions that Ethan grew up in a monastery. Well, in this new version you get to see a peek into what that was like for him.

Speaking of sneak peeks…you’ll get a glimpse into what’s happening to the orphans that you didn’t before (I can’t get specific because of spoilers….gez guys go read the story so can just say what I want to).

And there might be a new viewpoint character!

Ok Megan, no more talking. You’re going to give everything away.


You get it though. There is a LOT more going on in this story than there was in the old one.

For everyone who went through the choose-your-adventure version: this book will give you a chance to spend more time with the characters you love while discovering tons of fun new things.

Win-win situation.

Well, I better end this post before I start blabbing about all the exciting things I’m adding to this story.

See ya later Epic Dreamers!


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8 thoughts on “The Book I’m Writing is No Longer a Secret

  1. I feel so epic and so dreamy. I won’t tell the others I’m your favorite. Okay back on Earth, if in a fantasy realm. I’m happy you’re going to re-tell the Hashna story and add more to it. The dialogue is economical and engaging, the action a feast. However I may help, please let me know. Congratulations!


    1. Haha…yeah don’t tell them or they’ll be jealous. Thank you! I’m excited about visiting Hashna again. 🙂 I will definitely keep you in mind. I may need some people to read the story over and tell me what they think before actually putting it out there. That would be a great help, if you are interested.


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