Her Eyes

Her eyes are like the Ocean.

When I first look at them, they’re like the sun reflecting off a deep ocean. Beautiful, wanting to draw me out from the shallow beach front. So I travel deeper into the ocean, finding it’s more than just waves crashing in the wind and flowing in the current. I discover the life inside the ocean, so colorful and unique, creating a feeling inside me that I can’t describe.

I never want to leave, but feeling the need to wander deeper into the ocean, I discover a priceless treasure. This treasure keeps me warm when I am cold and gives me strength when I am weak. I could never sell this treasure I found.

I then explore the ocean again, seeing every detail I missed when I first came from the surface. Everything has so much more value and depth than before. I try to take it all in, but the ocean is so big and its inhabitants so many. There is so much to explore, it will take the rest of my life to find all of its beauty. As I come up out of the ocean, I’m breathless. All I can do is stay afloat, trying not to drown in this amazing world. All I could ever dream of is living in this place. So sweet. Beautiful. And breathtaking.

So I take a chance and dive deeper every time I can.



So far all the posts on this blog have been mine, but the poetic bit of words above are from a friend who graciously allowed me to nab them and share them with all of you. 🙂

And, quick change of subject…if you haven’t put in your vote for what our name should be at Invisible World, you’ll want to check out Monday’s post.


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