Library Card A.K.A. My Precious

I have a huge confession to make. You might want to sit down for this one booklovers. I wouldn’t want you to passout from the sheer horror of what I’m about to admit.

*Deep breath*

I have fees on my library card.

I know this little confession is going to get me nasty comments and unfollows from all you librarians, but I had to get it off my chest.

There, I feel so much better.

Actually, I don’t. My card fees have reached the point where I can’t borrow library books until I pay it off (a whopping $6). So I’m wallowing in a bookless void, finding myself sitting in my favorite reading chair with the same blank expression you’d find on a retired farmer who still gets up before dawn to milk the cows that aren’t there.

My face when I realize I don’t have any books to read

I can’t even go to my GoodReads page because I can’t face the accusatory looks from all the books I’ve put on my to-read list after I’ve sabotaged my main book source. Now they live in fear of remaining unread forever because the person that put them there is a poor college student who realized that she’d be living on the streets with nothing but a stack of books to keep her safe from the elements if she bought every single book that her book addiction craved.

Losing the use of my library card is like losing the use of my hand. My right hand. The hand I eat with, write with, move the computer mouse with.

I’m lost without you library card!

Ok, I’ll stop with the drama. I guess I could simply pay the fees. Which isn’t so bad when you consider all the books I’ve read. I know some people hate to pay late fees, and while I don’t exactly like them, if you compare the fee to the money you would have spent if you would have bought all those books a couple dollars doesn’t seem so bad.

So, what do you think about late fees? Do you pay them off right away or procrastinate like I did? Leave me a comment and let me know!



9 thoughts on “Library Card A.K.A. My Precious

  1. Accruing fees for books means that your using the library in the first place, which is laudable. And using the library for its main purpose–making possible and encouraging the reading of books. Such as the ones that Gollum, Saruman, and Gandalf appear in. So if late return of books is an infraction, then it isn’t a bad one. It’s an aspect of a life in books. And I’ve certainly paid my share for the privilege. And life goes on. And reading goes on.

    And, thank goodness, Megan, your writing goes on.

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    1. That’s great! It’s more like borrowing it from a friend than a library. 🙂 I always seem to get the books with a ton of holds on them, so there’s no way I can renew them.


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