It’s Camp Time

As the weather gets warmer, one thing comes to mind: Camp. I haven’t been to a camp in years, but this year I’m going to remedy that. That’s right, I’m going to a summer camp. Or spring camp since it isn’t really summer yet.

Actually, I won’t be going anywhere. This camp is taking place right here in my own home.

No, I’m not starting my own camp in my backyard. I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo!

Remember in November I wrote 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)? Well, Camp NaNoWriMo is like that, except you get to set your own word count goal.

Can I hear a cheer for keeping my sanity this NaNo round? 🙂


Don’t worry, I won’t neglect The Hashna Stone. I kept my word-count goal small so I can still work on it. I’ll continue posting a new chapter every week.

As much as I love working on The Hashna Stone, I’m super excited to be starting something new. I’ve had the idea for this world for a while now and it will be fun to finally write a story in it.

It will be far from finish by the end of April since I’m only planning to write 25,000 words but at least it’s a start, and there’s always Camp NaNo in June for whatever I didn’t get done this time around.

I love that they have these in the middle of the year to give you something to be a part of between Novembers. Being a part of a community set on the same thing I am really keeps me from putting my writing off. Plus, it just plain fun! 🙂

So how about you guys? Is anyone else doing Camp NaNo this April or planning on doing the one in June?


12 thoughts on “It’s Camp Time

  1. Hmm. Last summer, I drafted a novel in verse while recovering from surgery. I should fill it out, make it a whole story. Would that count?

    Selfishly, I’m happy Hashna will go on!


    1. Sure it can count! 🙂 You’re a trooper for working on a writing project while recovering from surgery.
      I’m glad the Hashna stories will go on too!


    1. You could! Anyone can. It just takes a whole lot of work and dedication. But if it’s what you love to do, it will be the most fun work you’ve ever done. 🙂
      Haha…yeah, the story I’m working on is definitely going to be “a thin one.”


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