Red—Listening to my drunken step-father yell

Being so angry, but having no one to tell


Yellow—being too afraid to runaway

Who would I go to, where would I stay


Green—Watching perfect families with perfect smiles

So carefree, why was I given these trials


Blue—The sadness, a deep well

The story I can’t tell


White—the emptiness of my life

The pain of the knife


Black—a dark cloud’s snare

A waking nightmare


Colors—swirling deep inside

Let me know I’m still alive


Colors—burning bright

In shadow and streetlight


Colors—my story at last told

My fear gone, finally bold

26 thoughts on “Graffiti”

    1. I think anything artistic, whether painting or drawing, or writing, or music helps heal our broken spirits. It makes us feel alive again, and I tried to capture that in my poem. Glad you liked it!

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  1. Wow! This is amazing imagery of the power/meaning of colors. Honestly, you’ve written some of the finest works on your blog, and it never ceases to inspire me. Thank you. 🙂



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