Frog Prince of Underpants

The Frog who was a Prince


The slimy frog

Jumped off the log

Then a dog

Chased it around the bog

In one bite, the frog was gone

Then at the break of dawn

The frog jumped out

And with a shout

Turned into a price with a crown

He said, I’m the prince of Underpants Town



The Prince Who Became a Frog


There once was a frog

Who after being eaten by a dog

Became a prince with a crown

He was the prince of Underpants Town

He began walking

And started talking

To himself about his plans

For underpants town’s lands

On the way to the town he met a witch

Who turned him back into a frog

And sent him back to the bog

She did this thing that was mean

So she could rule as queen

Over the town of underpants

The poor frog prince didn’t have a chance



So today’s poetry prompt was to write a poem that was illogical and nonsensical. This task proved to hard for me so I went to the expert of all illogical things: my ten-year-old sister. 🙂

I had to put what she came up with into a rhyme, but she was really good at saying random, nonsensical things. (Underpants Town? Definitely her genius at work). We had so much fun, we did two.

I mean, we know you wanted a sequel to the first one. Who wouldn’t want to keep reading about a frog prince of Underpants?




32 thoughts on “Frog Prince of Underpants”

  1. Haha, I can sooo relate! I have a ten year old sister, that writes rhyming poems that make no sense, making it so hilarious! And she posts them on her Facebook account (haha!). I have to give her credit, since I started my blog after playing around with poems with her.


    1. Haha…It’s funny how kids want to post everything they do online, even if it doesn’t make since. My sister used to make videos of her playing with her toys and post them on YouTube. 😀
      Yeah, sometimes the things she said for this were too nonsensical and I had to kind of guide it by suggesting a different line. 🙂
      That’s so awesome that she was your inspiration to start blogging. It’s amazing how small things can inspire us. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, and they get so excited! And yeah I had t0o make my sister change one of her poems because it can sound a bit wrong, haha 😀
        And no, my older sister suggested we both do we a blog together, but then I think making it too serious ruined her way of thinking so I just made on by myself.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. They are really fun! And they keep me motivated to write.
      They’re from these classes hosted by The Daily Post by Word Press (But you don’t have to have a word press site to join).
      This link will have the classes that are open for people to sign up
      I think right now it’s Blogging 101: Zero to Hero. (I think I’m going to do that one too 🙂 )
      It’s a really great way to connect with other bloggers and it keeps me from getting stagnant and not knowing what to write about. You would love it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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