Exciting News, Bragging Rights, and Trolls in the Dungeon

Exciting news!

I’m back from NaNoWriMo! I know you’ve all been missing my pestering posts, and I’m thrilled to tell you that you need morn for my absence no longer. I will be posting weekly again now that I’m not trying to write 50k in a month.

Speaking of writing 50k in one month…I did! (Not to brag on myself or anything).

Oh ok, I will.  I won NaNoWriMo!!! 😀

Ok, I’ll stop. I can hear your moans from over the internet (Don’t ask me how.) Before you call the people who run NaNo and tell them to make December National Novel Writing Month too just to get me to leave you alone, let me tell you the exciting news.

No, it isn’t that I’m back or even that I won NaNo.

As some of you know, I decided to use NaNo to work on that Choose Your Own Adventure I promised you. So my 50k words went towards it instead of a novel. *sign* The sacrifices I make for you all.

So the exciting news is that I’ve finished the story and you’ll get to start on that adventure soon!

I can’t wait to share it with you because it is awesome! (There I go bragging on myself again).

(Hey, I can’t help it. I’m a middle child, my mom made were a Snuggie, and I’m a Star Trek fan in a Star Wars world. *Cough, cough* I made none of that up so you would feel sorry for me and let me inflate my own ego without judgment.)

So far, I’ve kept this project pretty secret, because I’ve always wanted to be a CIA agent and keeping closed mouth about my story’s details was about the closest thing to being one as I can get. But I’m going to release all my secrets to you today! Right now! In this post!

Well maybe not all my secrets. I’m not telling you that I am actually responsible for the troll in the dungeon.

Yep, that secret is staying with me. But I will tell you the title of this Choose Your Own Adventure story because, let’s be honest, calling it the Choose Your Own Adventure story is really quite annoying.

I’m calling it…


(And it even has a picture to go with it!)

It’s a fantasy with fun characters, mysterious items, magic, dwarves, and orphans. Because what story would be complete without an orphan?

I give away a little more on the story’s page, so if that wasn’t enough for you, check it out. 🙂

I even have a release date!  Drumroll please.

The first chapter will be up and ready for you to vote on January 7th!

I decided to wait until after the holidays because I didn’t want to take you away from your shopping, ham eating, or miserly counting coins in your counting house (if you happen to be Ebenezer Scrooge).

So mark you calendars, put a reminder in your phone, put a sticky note on your forehead.  The adventure starts January 7th!



21 thoughts on “Exciting News, Bragging Rights, and Trolls in the Dungeon

  1. Wow! You sure can whoop up an announcement! You got my attention, now for going to write the sticky notes. However I can guess you will give us a subtle reminder occasionally. Fun reading.


    1. I’m glad I got your attention. I want everyone to join in on the fun! I have a feeling I will be slipping in reminders (both sudtle and not so sudtle). 🙂


  2. Good to hear from you again. I’m glad you accomplished so much writing in November. Your story is appealing (I read the introduction). I look forward to what’s arriving next month. With the adventure, a double kind of new new year. Thank you!


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