An Adventure with Gandalf to NaNoWriMo Land

Sunday starts the biggest adventure of my life!  That’s right, Gandalf finally showed up and said those nine words we are all longing to hear.

Oh wait.  That was my dream last night (I have very vivid dreams).  Darn.  I wish I were still asleep.

But on the bright side, I will be starting an adventure on Sunday.  It just won’t involve dwarves, and magic, and danger (or will it?).   I may not have thirteen dwarves and a wizard to keep me company like Bilbo, but I won’t be companionless as I set out on this journey to fight off the dragons of doubt and finally free that story that’s been trapped in my head.

This adventure I’m going on has a very long name: National Novel Writing Month.  Or you can shorten it to NaNoWriMo (if you can call that short).    I will join with tons of other writers as we challenge ourselves to write more than what should be humanly possible (seriously, what kind of wizardry is making 50,000 words appear in a month?) and set out into the uncharted territory of “imagination.”  Which is way more frightening than a dragon’s lair.

(Me trying to act casual when the avalanche of ideas comes tumbling from my imagination)

Now that I’ve delivered this exciting (and terrifying) news, I have some things to ask you.

First is that you join me on the adventure.   Since Gandalf didn’t send any dwarves to help me out, and I haven’t seen any Samwise Gamees around lately,  I am in need of someone to share in an adventure (see what I did there? 😉 ).

There are two way you can do this.

If you are participating in NaNo, add me to your buddy list (I’ll add you back!): invisibleworld

You can also join me on twitter where I’ll post writing inspiration and updates: @invisibleworldd

Or you can make me really happy and do both!  😀  Whether you’re doing NaNoWriMo or not, I’d love to have you with me on my quest.  Be ye dwarf, hobbit, wizard, or elf you are welcome to join the Fellowship of the Writing Frenzy.  (But no orcs please).

The other thing I have to ask you is this; be patient.

Yep that’s all.  Did you think I was going to ask you to go from being an upstanding citizen to being a burglar for some ill-tempered dwarf king, all so he can go mad with gold sickness from the treasure you got him while you keep his most valuable treasure a secret so he doesn’t go even more mad (which actually just makes him mad anyway)?

Come on.  No one would ask someone to do something like that.  😉

Now being patient doesn’t seem so hard does it?

Adventures do require some traveling, so don’t be surprised if you come to my blog and no one is home.   But don’t worry.  All adventures must come to an end sometime.  I am coming back!  But in the meantime, be patient with my empty blog and know that when I return I will be stronger, wiser, and a better storyteller (at least that’s what I tell myself to keep from bolting the door and keeping away from windows when adventure comes knocking).

Before we depart: Every adventurer needs a weapon.  And since you generously agreed to share this journey with me, I will share my secret weapon.

A free NaNoWriMo Trial Edition of Scrivener.

I know!  Best weapon ever!

You know what they say: The pen is mighty than the sword and Scrivener is mightier than Microsoft Word.  (Ok, you got me…I made that up).

I’ve wanted to try Scrivener forever and now’s my chance.  And the best part is that NaNo winners will get 50% off!  I know who will be buying their very own Scrivener at the end of November to celebrate all her hard work.  Merry Christmas to me!

And don’t be too disappointed about my absents (I know you’re all crying dragon-sized tears…I can’t help it I’m so loved 🙂 ).  I will be coming back with a fun surprise!

But until then….


18 thoughts on “An Adventure with Gandalf to NaNoWriMo Land

  1. Gee, and I thought I might go from being a burglar to an upstanding citizen. Good luck to you! (The kind of luck that Bilbo brought the dwarves.) I have no doubt that wizardry will help, but it’s the magic that will come from within you. I’ll try to follow as I can work that out (I’m still pretty much blog-stupid). As for following, I was invited to take part in a nonfiction writing class. Now, why would such a class be offered in write-a-novel month? But there it is. I did write a novel over the summer while recovering from surgery and started a second one. And then got better. Well, we’ll see where it all goes. But where you’re going is grand! Have a wondrous adventure!


    1. Haha…I’m sure a burglar can make an upstanding citizen (no wizardry required). 🙂
      There’s just so much going on in November. I just discoved NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), which also takes place in November ,where bloggers commit to writing one blog post a day.
      I’m thinking, “Are you trying to kill writers. How can we possibly do so much in one month?” 🙂
      Thank you for wishing me luck (Bilbo’s luck is the best kind), and have a good time in your nonfiction writing class!


    1. Thanks for your support! Strangely enough, my long story writing style (I won’t call it novel writing style since I technically haven’t done that yet 😉 ) is completely different from my blog writing style.
      You would think that it was two different people. (Oops! Did I just give away that I’m not really writing these?) 😛


    1. I hope you do it! It’s not only a lot of fun (and I admit a lot of work), but the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the month is amazing. You look back and think, “Did I really just write all that?”
      It’s definitely made me a better writer. 🙂


    1. Sure you can add me to your buddy list! I’m invisibleworld (or you can just follow the link in the post).
      No problem. Things happen. 🙂
      I’m glad you liked it. Anything hobbity is fun right? 🙂
      Good luck with NaNo!

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