Your Own Skin

Your Own Skin

How many skins do you put on each day?

Don’t pretend you don’t—I know how you play

There’s one skin for the person you just met

Then there’s the other set

The one you wear with your friends, so they think you’re fun and carefree

You keep a plethora of skins to make you appear as you wish to be

For the boss, you’re conscientious and clever

When work is done, that skin you sever

You put on another—this one sizzling, bold, and ready to party

When the weeknight’s over, the skin that goes on that makes you look hardy

Tough, in control

No one’s going to see how much it hurts—right to your soul

Your skin covers the emptiness inside

Do all those skins really help? What if you moved them aside?

Peel away the layers of skins—quit trying to be everything to everyone

All that playacting was way overdone

Give yourself a breath, a brake

Just be yourself for goodness sake!


19 thoughts on “Your Own Skin”

  1. I thought I was being myself with everyone, reading this helped shed light on that. I think I’m going to have to read this every morning until I know I’m in just one skin with everyone, my own.
    Thankyou 🙂 this is beautiful 🙂


  2. Nice.

    I used to have allll kinds of skins back in the days when I was extremely timid, unsure of myself, and not confident. I’m still not the most confident person in the world, but I’m more sure of myself. Nowadays, I try to be the same person all the time. It’s so freeing! But, of course, I still have those old skins hanging in the back of my closet. I wear them every now and then.

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    1. I think when we’re younger we are more likely to change ourselves based on who we’re with (especially when we’re in our teens!) becuase we’re still learning who we are. But eventually, we have to stop changing our skins.
      I’m still working on it too! 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on Oh, Hello! and commented:
    I’d like to thank Megan from Invisible World for nominating me for two awards – Liebster Award and Blogger Recognition Award – last September. As a thank you, I’m sharing with you a wonderfully written piece from her. Enjoy, keep it real and Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

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