Writing, Yoga Pants, and a Nervous Breakdown

Just what do I do when I’m not writing? I can’t answer that question, because obviously I am always writing. I spend hours and hours in a baggy t-shirt and yoga pants, sipping on a Frappuccino, typing away as endless brilliant thoughts enter my mind.

Oh yeah. That’s what I wish my day was like. It’s more like franticly type up a blog post while on lunch break, and try not to get mustard from my soggy sandwich on the keyboard.

When I’m not writing, I’m doing all those mundane, everyday things that everyone does: washing mounds of dishes, returning library books seconds before I’m charged a late fee (that should be recognized as a super power), attempting to make food that is healthy , tastes good, and only takes ten seconds to make (I found out a meal like that only exists in lands with fairies, magic, and unicorns), and wishing I didn’t decide to go to college (then again, I may miss those nights of crying over homework that doesn’t make sense and is completely inapplicable to real life…not).

My only escape from the madness is writing! Don’t ever leave me writing. I need you desperately.

But what happens when even my precious writing seems mundane? What do I do when I run out of ideas, inspiration, and motivation?

I have a nervous breakdown.

But once that’s over, I need something to get that creativity going again.

So, what do I do?

I read.

Sometimes all I need is to curl up in my Lazy-boy with a good tale. Nothing like discovering another world with memorable characters to make me forget about my writing doldrums. And as a bonus, sometimes something in the book will spark an idea for a whole new story, and just like that, I’m back to writing.

But sometimes I don’t have to read a whole book (or two or ten) to get re-inspired. Sometimes all I need to read is a few thousand words—this time not fiction. Online articles about writing are great for pumping me up to write again, and I can feel productive because I’m learning about the craft. Plus, it gives me an excuse to spend time on Pinterest, which is where I find most writing articles.

Speaking of Pinterest…

I pin stuff on Pinterest.

It isn’t wasting time. It’s gathering inspiration. 😉

Searching for images that relate to a story I’m working on keeps me in that story’s world. And if I’m not working on a particular story, then the images I come across may give me an idea for one. I have a whole board dedicated to images that set my imagination going and another for photographs of people that could make excellent characters in a story. You can check them out here.

I go for a walk.

Sometimes, I just need to get away from all things writing, reading, and idea generating. Taking a fifteen to thirty minute walk is just the thing to reboot my brain. Although, sometimes I end up going over story ideas while I’m walking. I guess I just can’t escape.


(Those pesky story ideas that just won’t leave you alone.)

So now that I’ve told you about what I do to get back into writing mode, I’d love to know what you do to get re-inspired?   (Maybe I’ll learn a new trick.)

Your comments are another thing that keeps me inspired to write.  So get to  commenting already!  You wouldn’t want to be responsible for my nervous breakdown would you?  😉

35 thoughts on “Writing, Yoga Pants, and a Nervous Breakdown

  1. I seem to be having a nervous breakdown now, too—three re-drafts of the same short story, only to realise none of it really works for the assignment/coursework I planned to use it for, so I scrapped it entirely and am now failing to choose a new idea. In times like these I’ll either listen to music or, like you, head on over to Pinterest. It’s doing an okay at the moment, but I’ll have to do a bit more looking around before setting anything in stone!


    1. Oh no! All that hard work and you can’t even use it for the assignment. 😦 The frustrations of writing…
      Listening to music is a great idea! Sometimes I listen to movie soundtracks when I write short stories to get me in the mood.
      Good luck with your writing!

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  2. I usually get my creative juices flowing best by just starting to write. Often what comes out is horrible, but it usually gets me someplace better than where I started. If not, I need to do something entirely different for a while. Good post!

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  3. Your post inspired me! I am currently doing the blogging 101 course and today’s assignment was about using the daily prompts and personalizing them. I’m glad I actually tried that, because I hadn’t really understood the process before 🙂


  4. Hey Megan. I enjoyed your blog by the way. Can you tell me what is special about having a Frappuccino? I’ve had a cappuccino, but I never heard of that type of coffee.

    When I am writing blogs, I write whatever is on my mind at that precise moment, it is in that moment when I am always jotting down what to write without thinking about it. Because if I am thinking about it then it restricts what I write if that makes sense.


    1. A Frappuccino is iced coffee. I think it was started by Starbucks (maybe not, but I didn’t know about them until Starbucks). I love cappuccino! It was my first taste of coffee as a kid.
      I know what you mean. I have go with whatever is on my mind and don’t think about it too much, or then I won’t write anything.


      1. Oh ok cool. To be honest I’ve only been to Starbucks one time which is probably why I haven’t heard of it.We are famous for tea parties over in England but I prefer to drink coffee myself.

        When I started writing blogs, my blogs would tend to go on forever, they probably still do to this day lol.


    1. Sometimes I have to let ideas simmer for a while before deciding if they’re worth writing down or not. Sometimes my mind will just start playing a story when I’m doing something that doesn’t take a lot of thought like walking or driving. It also does that when I’m trying to go to sleep at night. Which can be annoying… Oh well, I guess I should just think of it as a bedtime story. 🙂

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  5. Yes, reading inspires me to write too! I find that whenever I read a particular book, I write like it too, which is funny when I’ve been reading several different books while writing a novel. I can see the writing changing! XD

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    1. My writing style doesn’t change too much based on what I read, but the stories I come up with will reflect some part of that world. Like, if I’m reading a story with dragons I want to write a story with dragons. The authors just make everything sound so cool. I want everything they have!

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