Something New on My Blog?

Good morning lovely readers!

Not awake yet?  You should be.  It’s Friday! Friday!  Going to… Oh, no.  I am not going to get that song stuck in my head.  Seriously, that song has ruined the word Friday.  And that was one of my favorite words too.  Right up there with cheesecake and sleep.

(Now it’s in your head isn’t it? Don’t you just love me? 😉 )

While you’re all getting stares from your coworkers and classmates because you’re frantically humming “Michael Row the Boat Ashore” in a failed attempt to drowned out Rebecca Black, I have an announcement to make.

Actually, it’s more of a question.  I was thinking of doing something new, and wanted your opinion. After all, you’re the one stuck reading it.  Sort of like the Friday song lyrics. *evil laugh*  Wait, are you hovering over the “unsubscribe” button?  It was just a joke!  I’m sorry.  I’ll never do it again.  Please don’t click!

Whew! Now that that disaster is avoided…Where was I?

Right.  I was going to tell you my new idea and see what you think.  I also want to know what you think about the stuff I’m doing so far.

Which post do you like? What do you want to see more of?

To make it simple, I have a poll at the end of the post so you can vote for the things you want to see more of, plus you can vote in favor of my new idea if that sounds fun (what do I mean if?  Of course it will be fun. I came up with it didn’t I?  Hey!  I saw that eye roll).

Before I get to my new idea, let me list what I have going on so far.

Just chatting

I love chatting with you and my Just Chatting posts are my chance to do that.  I will bring up random things and give these posts really bizarre titles like, I Blogger, 2 Drill Sergeants, 3 Lists .  Just Chatting is a time to share whatever’s on my mind and ramble as much as I want to.  Anything goes with these posts!

Oh, and they’re hilarious.  (Except that one time you all left the word “boo” in the comments and pretended to throw eggs and stale popcorn at me.  Just incase you didn’t know–I can’t feel food through the computer screen! *sticks tongue out*)

Operation Inspiration

In these posts, I pick something (person, place, or magical object) that inspires me and share it with you.  It could be a quote, an author, or a song.  It’s my chance to inspire you.

You can keep blogging!  You can write that book! You can develop superpowers and join the avengers!  (I wouldn’t count on that last one though).

One example of this type of post: Writing is hard, but so is taking the Ring to Mordor.


YouTube banner 1

And the last one doesn’t have a fancy banner to go with it, so you’ll have to suffer this montage of pictures from stories I’ve posted over the past year.  Why are they from stories I’ve written?  Because that is the last category!  If my posts aren’t for Operation Inspiration or Just Chatting, then it must be a story I wrote.

Sometimes they are short and funny like Airplane: Ticket to a Boyfriend, sometimes they take place in a different world like Treasure, and sometimes they are a bit spooky like The Vessel, but they are always (I promise) entertaining.

And now, for what you’ve all been waiting for–drumroll please–my brilliant, awesome, spectacular idea!

(You call that a drumroll?  It’s a little lack-luster there buddy.)

Have you ever played one of those “choose your own adventure” things? You know, where you read a few paragraphs and then chose one of  the options listed to continue the story.  It’s kind of like a videogame collided with a book.

Well, I was toying around with the idea of doing one of those (because who doesn’t like videogame/book collisions?).   I will write the opening page of a story and post it on here for you to read (or not read…you won’t offend me.  But I do have a very particular set of skills and I will find you).

At the end of the first part of the story you will be able to vote on what the character will do next, then I will write the next part based on what gets the most votes.

Here’s an example.

Beginning of story:

Main character finds treasure.

(Obviously I will have more than one line…or maybe I could make one line work.  Less writing for me!  You wouldn’t feel cheated or anything right?)


a. Hides treasure

b. Shows it to his best friend

c. Shows it to his greedy uncle who may have possible killed someone with a cake knife

d. Sells it at local pawn shop


The option with the most votes wins!  It’s as simple as that.  (Simple for you maybe.  I still have to figure out how he is going to show it to his uncle without getting killed.  Thanks a lot voters.)

Below is a poll I’ve created so you can tell me what you want more of and if you like the idea of a “choose your own adventure.”  You can chose more than one option.  So if you want more stories AND more Just Chatting you can select both.

I also left one option blank so you can type in any ideas that you have for me.  I’m open to anything!

Unless it has anything to do with Rebecca Black and Friday.

Ha!  It’s in your head again.  😉




22 thoughts on “Something New on My Blog?

  1. Energy … you have a lot of energy 🙂 your writing just takes you forward on a wave. I have not read your posts so will wait till I do so to poll. Its a busy Monday morning ( 4 days more for you know what …) so I’ll be back later. Cheers till …


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