My Writing Secrets (And a Secret I didn’t mean to Share)

Another week has started and those pesky drill sergeants are at it again. They just have to make Monday more of…well, a Monday with all their assignments. As if I don’t have enough to do already without their added workload. I’m a busy girl. I have important things to do, like rescue orphaned kittens, sew handmade clothes for the poor, and single-handedly save the world from the all-powerful Tesseract.

Oh, that’s right. That’s already been done. Well I can scratch that out on my to-do list.

Ok, so I don’t have anything better to do. I’m just trying to find reasons to get out of writing. (Don’t look so condescending. You know you do it too.)

Speaking of writing, that is what today’s assignment is on.   I know you’re all thinking, “Duh Megan. It is Writing 101,” but give me a minute to explain. (Sheesh! Impatient people…)

Today I’ll share with you the fantastical secrets of how I write. (Did I hear a gasp of amazement? Oh, that was just confused whispering.) I know you’ve all been wondering about my writing habits, how I write, when I write, where I write, and who did it.

Did that last part just slip out? Crap. Now you know my secret identity.

(The real reason I don’t have time to write. See? I wasn’t just making up excuses.)

Quick! Start reading all the interesting sentences below. Maybe you’ll forget the information I carelessly divulged.


Where do you write?

Quiz time! You figure out where I write.

A. A secret laboratory beneath the city

B. A library

C. A cabin in the mountains that conveniently has excellent wi-fi

Too easy huh? You all guessed it was the secret laboratory beneath the city.   Now there’s going to be mysterious holes appearing all over the world from all of you trying to find it. And Sherlock will have to stop playing his violin to solve the strange happening (because Sherlock will have no reason to know what’s going on, because I’m definitely not Sherlock…nope).

Alright. I admit it. I tricked you all. The real place I do most of my writing isn’t even on the list. (I’m so sneaky!) I really write in a place far less dazzling than a secret lab or library: my desk.

It’s not a secret lab, but I wouldn’t want to write anywhere else. I can access it anytime and I don’t even have to get dressed (seriously, I’m in my pajamas right now). And I don’t have to remember any codes or have my fingerprints scanned to use my desk.

(On the other hand, a secret hideout would give me a cool place to drink my coffee.)

What equipment or supplies do you use to write?

I need nothing but my clever mind, bursting with humors and deeply thought provoking ideas.

And a computer.

Without it, there’d be no way to share my writing. I mean, sure I could walk up to random strangers and shove my hand-written scribbles in their faces, but somehow I don’t think that would end well. And I don’t even want to talk about the last time I shared my stories with my friends.

Besides, it’s much quicker to type than write by hand. Although, sometimes when I’m feeling stuck I’ll pullout an old-fashioned notebook and pen, sit in the hammock on my deck, and let inspiration hit.

Which F.Y.I doesn’t happen if you fall asleep.


What are your writing habits?

Stare intently at the screen. Type the first word that comes to mind. Delete word. Stare intently at the screen again. Blink rapidly until words magically appear. Realize magical words are not real. Bang head against keyboard.

Just kidding! I would never have that much trouble with writing. Nope. Never.

I don’t have any “habits” really (because aforementioned habit isn’t something I actually do). I don’t write only at a particular time of day, or select a certain day of the week to be my writing day. I don’t have any routines that I do to get myself psyched up to write (hum…maybe if I did, I wouldn’t need drill sergeants).

I do have a habit of listening to instrumental music when I write fiction. I don’t need anything when I’m writing a normal blog post like this one. Right now it’s completely silent except for a clacking crow somewhere in the distance. (Dumb crow…ruining my silence. If I have any mistakes in this post, blame the crow.)

But if I were working on a fictional piece, I would have my earphones in and some movie soundtrack blasting my eardrums. Way to party like a writer!

(The dance writers do when they’re in the “zone.”  Actually, they don’t dance when they’re in the zone.  They’re too busy writing.)

Besides helping me focus, the music gets me in the mood for whatever I’m going to write. Like when I was writing Treasure, I listened to the soundtrack for How to Train Your Dragon because the whimsical, adventurous music captured the feeling I needed to get me going. The music is specifically written for a story about a flying and young boy in a situation a little over his head, which just happened to be two things my story had in it.

Those are all the secrets I’m willing to devolve today! I do have some questions for you though. Where were you last night just before midnight, and do you own a machinegun and wear Tutti Frutti lip butter from Revlon?

Oh, wrong question.

Actually, I was wondering what kind of post you would like to see more of and if there are any new topics you’d like to see.

To make it easy, here’s what I have going so far.

Operation Inspiration

In these posts, I pick something (person, place, or magical object) that inspires me and share it with you.  It could be a quote, an author, or a song.  It’s my chance to inspire you.  You can keep blogging!  You can write that book! You can develop superpowers and join the avengers!  (I wouldn’t count on that last one though).

One example of this type of post: Writing is hard, but so is taking the Ring to Mordor.

Just chattingThis post would go under Just Chatting.   It’s a time to share whatever’s on my mind and ramble as much as I want to.  Anything goes with these posts!

YouTube banner 1

And the last one doesn’t have a fancy banner to go with it, so you’ll have to suffer this montage of pictures from stories I’ve posted over the past year.  Why are they from stories I’ve written?  Because that is the last category!  If my posts aren’t for Operation Inspiration or Just Chatting, then it must be a story I wrote.  Sometimes they are short and funny like Airplane: Ticket to a Boyfriend, sometimes they take place in a different world like Treasure, and sometimes they are a bit spooky like The Vessel, but they are always (I promise) entertaining.

Wait, you won’t sue me if they’re not will you?  Forget that last part.

So now that you see what I already have, let me tell you about what I was thinking of adding.  (It will be real quick I promise…wait, did I just promise something again?)

Have you ever played one of those “choose your own adventure” things? You know, where you read a few paragraphs and then chose one of  the options listed to continue the story.  It’s kind of like a videogame collided with a book.

Well, I was toying around with the idea of doing one of those (because who doesn’t like videogame/book collisions?).   I will write the opening page of a story and post it on here for you to read (or not read…you won’t offend me.  I’ll just send the robots I’m making in my secret lab after you).

At the end of the first part of the story you will be able to vote on what the character will do next, then I will write the next part based on what gets the most votes.

Here’s an example.

Beginning of story:

Main character finds treasure.

(Obviously I will have more than one line…or maybe I could make one line work.  Less writing for me!  You wouldn’t feel cheated or anything right?)


Hides treasure

Shows it to his best friend

Shows it to his greedy uncle who may have possible killed someone with a cake knife

Sells it at local pawn shop

The option with the most votes wins!  It’s as simple as that.  (Simple for you maybe.  I still have to figure out how he is going to show it to his uncle without getting killed.  Thanks a lot voters.)

Below is a poll I’ve created so you can tell me what you want more of and if you like the idea of a “choose your own adventure.”  You can chose more than one option.  So if you want more stories AND more Just Chatting you can select both.

I also left one option blank so you can type in any ideas that you have for me.  I’m open to anything!

Unless you want me to write a story about a fire-breathing elven lord, a hideous mermaid goddess, and a goblin general who love tea and vanilla frosting.  I won’t do it.


24 thoughts on “My Writing Secrets (And a Secret I didn’t mean to Share)

      1. I struggled trying to create a poll I absolutely love your writing style it’s fun and adventurous. Congrats on the award I would love to chat with you in the future about your writing expertise. Thanks for giving me another option of writing I see a mystery or some kind of Corky writing in my future.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem, don’t think I even saw mine until a week after either haha. I’ll check it out this evening when I’m back from work, and you’re welcome 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Your writing cracks me up. So glad you put your link on my networking post!!! (Sounds like a pickup line for our silicon times… “Hey, Baby, wanna put your link on my networking post?”) Now that I’m re-reading, that comment sounds inordinately inappropriate. Too bad there’s no edit feature on this blog… ANYway, I look forward to reading more. Also, your crow caused a misspelling of sergeant (2nd link).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy to make you laugh. And I’ll overlook any inappropriateness simply because you made me laugh. 🙂
      Thanks for letting me know about the misspelling. I hate when I’m going back through an old post and see a mistake like that and I’m like, “Why did no one point that out to me?!”


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