I Blogger, 2 Drill Sergeants, 3 Lists

What?! Did I just post two days in a row? Yes dear reader, that did just happen. Now before you get excited and think I’m going to post every day from now on until the end of time (because I know you want to hear from me EVERY single day), I have to warn you that this wont last forever. There is a reason for my sudden motivation, and that reason will only be around a few weeks.

What kind of motivation only lasts a few weeks? Blogging 101 and Writing 101 of course. I know what you’re thinking; “You’ve been around for a while now, and you’re just now taking Blogging 101? What a slacker.”

Well, I have something to say to that. I am not a slacker! Really, how could you accuse me of such a thing?

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way….

I didn’t join blogging 101 the first time around because by the time I became aware of such helpful classes, I’d already been blogging for a few months and figured I didn’t need it. (For all those who have followed this blog since the beginning; Please, hold your laughter).

I mean, I’d already chosen a title, a tagline, and a theme, and all that other new blog stuff, so I didn’t need Blogging 101. Pfff…I got this!

(Thank you small child.)

Then I realized that Blogging 101 was more than just learning how to hit the “New Post” button successfully. It’s about connecting with other bloggers. It’s about cheering each other on. It’s about me having someone to tell me what to write about because all my mind can think of is Cookies and Cream ice cream and how I wish that Labor Day was Labor Week.

(So maybe I have a slight addiction…Nah threatening to kill over ice cream is perfectly normal)

You got me. My real motivation wasn’t about supporting the blogging community. (Ok, so I’m a slacker and I’m selfish). I just needed a drill sergeant to stand over me and tell me to get to writing or drop down and give him twenty (which would be completely impossible because all the typing I do has left me with spaghetti arms).

But this drill sergeant will only be around for a limited time, so be expecting my normal once a week post scheduling soon. (Did I just hear a sigh of relief?)

Which brings me to the purpose of this post.

Drill sergeant #2 (aka Writing 101) has given me the task for today’s basic training which I must accomplish of face washing the latrines with a toothbrush. (Actually they gave me a task yesterday that I missed because I was doing a task for drill sergeant #1 [aka Blogging 101]. Having two drill sergeants at the same time is hard!)

My task is to compile a list. Actually I like lists so much that I will make three (it has nothing to do with the fact that drill sergeant #2 commanded me to make three or the fact that now that I have you here, I want to keep you as long as possible. Which by the way has nothing to do with lack of friends or trolls).

I promise, I’m going to stop rambling now and get on with the purpose of this post: the lists!

(Oh yeah? Oh yeah?!  Well I just did.  What do you have to say to that?! Oh, wait.  I’m I still rambling?)

Things I Like

  1. Writing

I bet you would have never guessed that one! (Actually, I don’t like writing, but someone told me that I would make millions by writing blog posts. I haven’t seen so much as a dirty, gum soiled penny).

2. Singing

You didn’t know I could sing? I’m the updated version of Mariah Carey. 😉 Ok, so I don’t have any albums out, and I’ve never performed in front of an audience, but I can sure tare it up in my car with the thrumming sound of the wind from my rolled-down windows making beautiful back-up singer.

3. Listening to the storms

Some people like to listen to rain. I like to listen to rain and thunder. I don’t know why I can’t be like normal people and just enjoy the plain old rain, but I’m sure it’s not because the sound of thunder summons an image of Thor to my brain.

Things I’ve Learned

  1. Blogging isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

When I first started out, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never done anything close to blogging before, and I didn’t know anyone who was part of the blogging world. So, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and jumped. And you know what? It was worth it. I’ve loved every moment of this blogging journey and every one of you and your sweet, encouraging comments. (Ok. Got to stop before I tear up).

  1. Never underestimate yourself.

This kind of goes with the first one. I wasn’t sure if I could come up stuff to blog about. Even if I did, would anyone want to read it? I mean, what made me think I could just get on the computer, type out a piece of fiction and share it with the world? Maybe my posts would be dirtying the purely clever content already found online. Taking up valuable space. Getting in the way of more talented bloggers. Annoying readers to the point of cutting all ties the had with the blogging world.

Ok, so I really didn’t think all of that. I would never be that dramatic. I did feel a bit of trepidation though. Hitting that publish button can feel like jumping off a cliff in your underwear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it (push the publish button, not jump off a cliff in your underwear. No one wants to see that. Oh yeah, and you probably don’t want to jump off a cliff either. Just a suggestion).

You can stick to blogging for more than a couple of days. You can publish memorable content. You can jump… I mean hit that publish button. Hooah! (Sorry, all this basic training is getting to me.)

  1. Don’t give yourself two drill sergeants at the same time! Trust me, there will be pain.

Things I Wish

  1. I wish I could find myself in a situation where I could be as awesomely sarcastic as Katniss.

2.   I wish I didn’t go on a spending spree with all the money I was supposed to get from blogging.

I’m sorry. I can’t even talk about it or I’ll have a nervous breakdown.

3.  I wish I could fly.

Stop laughing. Did I say something funny? I can’t here you soldier! Oh. Sorry. Just pretend that didn’t happen.

Seriously though. Flying would be the coolest thing ever. The wind in your hair. The birds by your side. The ear popping from being a such a high altitude.

And I know what you’re about to say. “You can fly. This is the 21st century. Where have you been living?” First of all, you don’t want to know where I live (it’s not information for the faint of heart). Second, flying in a plane doesn’t count. I want to fly for real; in my nightgown and with a boy I just met.

Second day of basic training complete! *Salutes*


25 thoughts on “I Blogger, 2 Drill Sergeants, 3 Lists

    1. Thank you! But I’m really just mouthing the words and letting the radio do the work for me. I don’t even write my own post. I have this amazing computer program/robot type thing named Jarvis that does it all for me. Maybe you’ve heard of him? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. LOL I’ve been blogging off and on for nearly a year and this is my THIRD attempt at Blogging 101. Ooops!

    I mean, I’ve kept with it three days this time though. So anything could happen.


    1. Keep at it! 🙂 I know…Sometimes that silly thing called life gets in the way of those really important things like blogging 101, writing posts, and reading until you forget that you aren’t actually surrounded by dark elves that want to chop off your head because you stole their magical amulet. 😉


    1. You’re so sweet! I’ll make you a deal; I’ll post everyday if you comment on every post. 😀 (The right side of my brain is telling me that this is a great idea. My left side is telling me I’m a rotten negotiator because I wouldn’t have time to post everyday…it’s also calling me names for making promises I can’t keep…Oh, sorry left-brain, I can’t hear you on the account of right-brain telling me I should turn on some music, get out some crafty stuff, and forget about any obligations I have for the day.)


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