I Write Stories…And Songs

Usually my post contains a story, but today there’s a twist: I wrote a song!  Last night I came across this site that not only gives prompts for stories, but for songs.  How fun is that?  Tons of places give writing prompts, but this is the first song prompt I’ve seen.  I couldn’t resist!

The prompt is: Another day that time forgotten


Here’s what I came up with:

Verse 1

Another day

Another moment away

Another hour that’s vanished

Another moment that’s finished

So much time I’ve wasted

Doing what other say

Thinking that time would stay

But there’s nothing to gain

By playing it safe day after day


Verse 2

That time forgotten

When I lived carefree

When I knew who I wanted to be

Drowned out, by the voices in my head

By all the things that other said

Play it safe, be secure

There’s no magic beyond the door

Follow the crowd and don’t be loud

But in the long run, I’m on my own

It’s time to see what can be done


Verse 3

Another day

Not another moment will slip away

There’s a dream within me

I will give it wings and let it soar

I won’t keep it locked up anymore

It’s time to fly, It’s time to live

So much I’ve kept away that I can give

Wasted moments forgotten

I won’t be stopping

On this new path I will stay

It’s another day



Time may slip away

What’s to be done

With the rising of the sun there is a new day

Should I take a chance

Should I give it all in this dance

Do I dare to believe

Do I dare to conceive

A new moment for me


I’m supposed to just post the lyrics, but what’s a song if you can’t hear it?  So, here is a recording. Nothing fancy…just me singing into my phone. 🙂





8 thoughts on “I Write Stories…And Songs

      1. Me too…I sing at my church and I sang in the choir at my college before I transferred. None of my family sings though. It must be really fun to have a family that’s into music like you.

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