Lord I come before You

Tears so bountiful I cannot see

If you are really there and really care

Please take this burden off of me


I can feel Your presence now

So close, but just out of reach

Take my hand and lead me

To the place I may find peace


I need You more than ever before

For I have sinned and need Your grace

You have saved me; You have healed me

You have forgiven my soul’s disgrace


You have brought me out of darkness

And into your promising light

You have given me strength

When I was too weak to fight


You saw me when I stumbled

And You caught me in Your arms

You have shielded and protected me

Throughout my many storms


 But now it seems to me

That I have lost Your grace

I look all around me

But I can’t see Your face


I see my sins and wrongs I’ve done

And they block You from my view

I see the devil mocking me

Saying he has conquered You


Then I see a drop of blood

The devil starts to cower

As more blood falls, my sins are covered

Satan cannot overcome Your power


I look up and see You on the cross

I see Your pain and cry thanks to You

For I know Your blood covers my sins

And gives me life anew


I am thankful that someone like You

Would die for a sinner like me

I’ll praise you all my days

Because of Your grace, I now can see


Since it’s almost Easter, I thought I’d share this poem I wrote a few years ago.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Grace”

  1. AMEN!! I love this! Prayer is a beautiful thing by itself, but prayer in a poem…so nice! I’d give my left arm to be able to write poetry 😦 If I try really really hard, I could, but it’s sooo hard for me!


    1. It’s hard for me too actually. I’ve only written a handful in my whole life. For some reason I find it easier to write a story than a poem even though it’s longer. So glad you liked it!


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