Bug Eyes the Second

Continuation of Miss Matching Eyes

“Who’s the monster now?” Her words echoed through my head as I got into my car. Was she right? Was I really a monster?  I wasn’t doing anything wrong though. I was just trying to help her.

Or was it myself I was trying to help? I didn’t like hearing the comments because, in my mind, they were aimed at me. Every rude remark muttered at her was a reminder that I was different.

I looked at my matching brown eyes in the rearview mirror. I was such a coward.  The lady was right, I was like a little, trained lap dog.  I jumped through hoops for a small treat.  I conformed so the comments would stop.

What would it be like to walk around freely like the woman in the coffee shop? Could I be as brazen as she was?

There was only one way to find out. I took the contact from my right eye and put it carefully in its container.  I hesitated to look back at the rearview mirror.  It had been a long time since I’d seen myself without my contact.

I raised my head and met the eerie stare of my mismatching eyes. I didn’t see my soft chestnut hair cut in a stylish bob. I didn’t see my high cheekbones or long lashes.  All I saw was my green eye.  Staring at me like the eye of a monster.

I set my jaw and got out of the car. I am not someone’s lap dog, I told myself and walked back into the coffee shop with my head forced high.

The people at the tables stared at me, probably wondering if I were going to throw another cup on the floor. I didn’t need another hot chocolate, but I walked to the counter and ordered one anyway.  The barista blinked at me.  I was a regular here, but I’d always had brown eyes.

I looked around boldly at the people in the shop as I waited for my order, as if daring them to laugh. No one did.  They looked confused actually.  They were probably wondering if the other lady with mismatching eyes put a spell on me.   I almost laughed out loud.  They probably thought she made my eyes like hers because I knocked her cup over.

“Bug Eyes the Second,” called the barista.

I smiled. I wasn’t someone’s pet or a monster.  I was Bug Eyes the Second.


Prompt 41:  Continue any other author’s story already posted to #FFC52 over the past 41 weeks

This story is a continuation of Kaleiyah-P’s story Miss Matching Eyes.



11 thoughts on “Bug Eyes the Second

  1. I’m squealing right now. This is SO COOL 😀 ! I’m so honored you decided to do a continuation of my piece for this prompt. And not only that, you made it even better by having the protagonist own their ‘bug eyes’ 😀 ! And, and the whole witch-bit, too! Aaaah~ I’m motivated to do flash fiction again! x3 Really awesome work, Megan!


    1. I’m super glad you liked it! It’s hard to take someone else’s work and go with it because you want it to be as good as theirs. It’s thrilling to know the author loves it! 😀 I had so much fun continuing your piece. Thanks for writing it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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