Once, I lived in a beautiful house made of glass.  At night, I slept under a blanket of stars while the moon’s bright face watched over me.  During the day, the sunlight trickled through the sparkling glass and warmed my skin.  I could stand in the middle of a rainstorm without getting wet.  Daisies sprang up, birds flew by, ladybugs crawled along the outside of the glass, green leaves turned brilliant shades of red and orange, and white flakes drifted softly passed the glass—all the world was open to me.

But it wasn’t just the world that was open to me; I was open to the world. Everything I was could be seen.  There was no place to hide in my house of glass. Not everyone liked what they saw.  They threw stones at my glass walls until they shattered into a million pieces of shining light.

I rebuilt my home, but this time I did not use glass.  Study stone walls incase me now.  There is no glass in this new house—no weakness in the sturdy walls for stones to break in.   My new home doesn’t sprinkle the ceiling with lights at night, change colors in the fall, and turn pink when the sun rises or orange when the sun sets.   It remains constantly dark.  The world is hidden from me, and I am hidden from the world. But I will always remember that once I lived in a house of glass.


Prompt:The Shattered Dwelling by Vik Tory Arch


15 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. It’s frightening to live openly, honestly, vulnerably. But the alternative, like you so eloquently pointed out, is to live in darkness. Surely it’s better to live dangerously in the light than safely in the dark. 🙂


    1. You couldn’t have explained the meaning of my story in a better way. :)It is difficult to live in the open where criticisms can come so easily, but living in the dark and doing nothing is more harmful. Like you said, “it’s better to live dangerously in the light than safely in the dark.”


  2. Amazing, girl.
    Thanks for the story. It’s so beautiful.
    It resonated in my soul, when I read it. Now I want to write a story with a glass house/ dwelling in it, if you let.
    It was very creative and deep.


  3. Wow, this is beautiful! I think you’ve captured the essence of human vulnerability through the metaphor of the glass house very well. The events of the short story really reflect that feeling of closing yourself off from everyone – especially if that action is prompted by only a few people’s unkind actions or words. It’s really hard to open yourself up again after these stone walls have been built up around you, but I guess it’s always nice to remember that you were once innocent and didn’t need to hide yourself. Keep up the great writing! 🙂


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