Rescued: The Water


This is the final part of a series called Rescued. Click here to go to the previous part, or start at the beginning.


“I want a new life,” said Carrie.

“Then get in the water,” said Geff.  Carrie didn’t know what he was talking about.  What water?  She looked behind her and stepped backward, startled.

Where the mirror sat a moment ago was a vast body of shinning blue water.  It was endless, like an ocean, but calm and without waves like a lake.

“Going into this water will make you clean, but you must immerse yourself if you want to be cleansed completely,” he told her, “When you come out, you will be a new person.”

Carrie thought again of the Carrie in the mirror, so peaceful and loved.  Would that be her when she stepped out of the water?

It won’t.  It won’t be you.  Nothing can change you.  Nothing can change the ugly person you are.  You are forever mine.

Carrie ignored the words swirling around in her head and stepped into the water.  It was cool, but not cold.  She kept walking so that the water came to her knees.  She must go until she was completely covered by the water.

Stop! Stop walking.  Don’t go any farther. The voice was distressed.

The water was now to her waist.

He wants you to die.  Why else would you have to be immersed in this ocean?  He wants to kill you!

I was going to kill myself anyway.  What do I have to lose? Carrie told the voice.

The water was lapping at her chin when Geff called out to her.

“There is one name that can rescue you from your old life.  One name…”

Carrie’s head went under.

No…. The dark spirit was forced to leave as the water consumed Carrie.

She panicked.  She knew how to swim, but her limbs wouldn’t move.  She sunk like a piece of lead, and though only a second before her feet touched the bottom, she continued dropping as if the floor was miles below her.  One name…One name can rescue me.  A name popped into her head—Jesus.

As soon as the name came into her head, her descent slowed until she hung suspended in the water.

Your life isn’t meaningless.  The voice was in her head, but it sounded nothing like the voice that screeched at her moments before.  This voice was quiet, but loud.  It was soft, but thunderous.

It is valuable. You are valuable.  The voice wasn’t just in her head, but in the water.  It was everywhere. Was this God?

Your life isn’t a mistake.  I created you.  I don’t make mistakes.  The words were spoken firmly, but tenderly.  She wasn’t sure how to respond.  For the first time in her life, Carrie believed without a doubt that she was valuable.  For the first time, she was loved.

Carrie, Carrie.  He knew her name.  He said her name.  You’ve always been loved.  I’ve always loved you.  She was sure there were tears in her eyes, even if she was surrounded by water.  Why did she ever think taking her life was a good idea?

From this day on, you are mine and I am yours.   The words secured her, anchored her, and surrounded her in a safe cocoon.  I will be there when no one else is.  No matter how troubled life gets, I will be there for you.

As the last words were spoken, Carrie’s head burst from the water.  She was laughing.  She felt so light she was sure she could fly. Words tumbled out of her mouth, almost as if she had no control.   She spoke words of thanks, comfort, and peace.  She wanted to shout.  She wanted to cry.  She was a new Carrie, and she knew she would never be alone again. The one who’d rescued her would be with her always.

Everything began to spin.  Blue and white meshed together and swirled in Carrie’s vision.  She felt the water disappear, and her wet clothes became dry.  Then, just as fast as the spinning started, it stopped.

Carrie was in her kitchen again.  She looked around, but didn’t see Geff. She opened the door.  He wasn’t anywhere.

Did all those things—the boxes, the mirror, the water—really happen?  Did God really care enough about her to rescue her from her old life and make her new?  She felt new. She felt like the beautiful Carrie she’d seen in the mirror.

She walked back to the kitchen and saw the gun sitting where she left it on the kitchen floor.  She thought about what Geff said.  “If he cared about you, he would have stopped the bullet.”  Was there really a bullet in the gun?  She pulled magazine out and turned it upside-down. A shinny bullet fell into her hand.

She smiled.  She was rescued.


Previously:  The Mirror

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5 thoughts on “Rescued: The Water

  1. Awwww! That was a really sweet ending :3 I have to admit, when Geff was talking about a name to save her, I had no idea what it would be. I liked the part at the end where the she unloaded the gun . Another way to end it would be like Inception where she starts to unload the clip, but decides she doesn’t need to know. The one you have is effective as well. It’s more conclusive. Depends how you like your endings 😛

    You did a good job with the amorphous entity of God, like how his voice was everywhere. Although I’m not sure if she would agree with God that easily. Maybe she goes to open her mouth, but she can’t bring herself to say it in front of God. In any case, I’m glad she found solace with him. When I was 18, anorexic, and suffering from severe depression I used to imagine Jesus holding me, and then I didn’t feel so alone. I imagined Jesus instead of God because I’d seen artist’s depictions of what he looked like. It’s nice to see a story incorporate that. Spirituality is often a huge component of our lives. I’m sure you’ve heard the footprints poem. I think of that sometimes. When life gets really tough it does feel like God has abandoned me, but he’s been carrying me that whole time 🙂

    Thanks for posting this. I think you did a great job handling such a difficult subject 😉


  2. That’s so sweet that imagining Jesus holding you helped you through such a hard time in your life. When things get tough, it helps to imagine someone there that cares when no one else is. I love the footprints poem! It helps me to think that God is with me even when I can’t feel him, and not only with me but carrying me. That scene where Carrie hears God was my favorite scene to write. I loved imagining what he would say to someone whom he loves so much, but has felt so unloved all her life that she is having trouble believing that love.
    Thanks for reading, and sticking with Carrie’s story until the end. 🙂


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