Another World

What if there is a world2


What if there is a word where things out of the ordinary happened?  What if a world exists where invisible forces were at work and strange powers manifested themselves? Welcome to the world inside my head.  I ask the questions: What if spirits are real?  What if they communicate with us? What if the world isn’t all it appears to be?  Then, I let my overactive imagination answer.  Most of the time the answer comes in the form of a short story or fictional scene.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing excerpts from my imagination (don’t worry, I’ll explain them; my imagination can get pretty wild) in the hopes that they will trigger you to contemplate on things beyond the visible and cause your eyes to be opened to what is unseen.

Some of the things I write may spring from the world inside my head, but it may not be so far from what is actually happening in our world.  If you let it, what I write can be more than an entertaining story or a thought-provoking tale.  If you look deep enough, you will find a whole new way of seeing things.

I hope what I write will open your eyes to—not just the world inside my head—but the world that goes on around us that we can’t see.


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